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Weekly practice

Practice exercises for every week of the academic year, grouped by grades.


Basic and scientific 'paper tape' calculator.

Number line

Practise addition, subtraction, negative numbers and sets with diverse exercises.


Practise using money with coins, banknotes and goods in a variety of situations.

Grid board

A tool for illustrating and drawing simple two-dimensional shapes.


Perform basic mathematical operations with the counting frame, which has been well-known since ancient times.

Physics units

A tool for conversion between units of physical quantities


More than 40 different dice to practise the material of various subjects

Heads or Tails

Heads or tails game in nine variations.

Code breaker

Decode words and phrases using symbols of Braille writing, sign language, flag signals, bar codes and......

Toy Clock

The first steps in time keeping. Getting to know the clock.


Customisable analogue and digital clocks with current time display and exciting exercises.

Counting table

Practise addition and subtraction with interesting exercises.

Multiplication table

A tool to practise multiplication and division with spectacular exercises and games.

Logical blocks

Logical blocks to help understand the concept of sets.


An intriguing logic game originating from China. Includes lots of puzzles of various levels of difficulty.

Maths grid

Basic mathematical operations and relations on a 3×3 grid.

Number Circle

Practise basic operations using a number circle.


A balance scale to show inequalities and to introduce the notion of equation


A bit of calculation, a bit of spatial recognition, a bit of playing.

Maths quiz

True/False mathematical questions from geometry through algebra to number theory.


A quick and simple way to create spectacular diagrams from built-in templates.

Coordinate system

Plotting points, lines, circles and functions in the coordinate system.


Continuous and discrete probability functions with parameters.


Illustrating axis of symmetry in a playful manner with exercises. Can also be used as an icon editor.


Answer quiz questions on 12 different topics with increasing level of difficulty.


Play against the computer or an online opponent, solve problems or analyse famous matches!


Mastermind game with colours, numbers and words

Image domino

Math and grammar games played by the rules of domino.


Search for pairs among cards laid face down.

Connect 4

Place four of your disks next to, below or diagonally to each other.


Capture as many territories as you can!


Continue the line. Place dominoes with the corresponding number of pips next to each other.

Magic square

Fill the missing numbers so that the sum of every row and column adds up to the same number.

Roads, directions

Where do roads lead? Follow the instructions to find the good direction.


A game involving logic and strategy with the goal of building the strongest army possible.


Practise maths operations in a playful manner


Pick up sticks in the correct order.


Repair the road so that the vehicles can complete their journeys.


Find out how deep you need to hammer. Complete words and count.

Picture grid

Which part of the image is in frame? Observe and find it out.


Choose the smallest or the largest image!


Fly the aeroplane, control the snake, shepherd the bee to the right direction.


Put the numbers or words in the correct order.

Follow the pattern

Continue the sequence by the pattern given.

Find your way home

Help the animals to find their way home and practise chess moves.


Show which square of the chessboard the path leads to.


Familiarise yourself with the chessboard and learn how to move around the squares.

Movement on the chessboard

Use regular moves to reach the specified square.

Image table

Find cells and pictures in the table.

Sliding puzzle

Order numbers or letters, complete pictures by sliding the tiles.

Related tools & games


Interactive test editor and player.

Board games

Multi-player quiz game with various types of popular games.

3D menu

A categorised collection of 3D scenes with a spectacular search interface.

Content graph

An organised and searchable graph of all the educational content in the mozaLearn system (books, videos,......

Video library

Categorized videos showing interesting experiments and movie clips.

Question sheet

Simple question sheet with text and pictures; multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct......

Picture cards

Sixteen decks of cards in various subjects, with the possibility to insert pictures into mozaBook


Create cards with text or pictures simply and quickly.

Hall of fame

Portrait and information about famous people.

Time machine

People and events shown in a dynamic timeline and relations view.

Function tables

A collection of mathematical and physical functions, formulae and explanatory illustrations.


Multiple text and picture puzzles with clues

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