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Why are there deserts and ice sheets on Earth?

This lesson explains the reasons and consequences of the formation of climatic zones.

What happens in the garden?

A lesson about gardens, plants and their organs.

Show that you can convince your family

Saving energy is a task for everyone, because the energy consumption of the Earth’s population is increasing very fast and it can soon exceed the Earth’s...

Why should we eat grapes?

A lesson about the properties of grape plants.

Is climate permanent or changing?

This digital lesson is about climate and factors that can modify the climate.

Show how wonderful the world is

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature in this project.

Rome vs Carthage

This digital lesson tells the story of the Punic Wars.

Let's go fishing!

This lesson introduces the anatomy and lifestyle of fishes through the examples of the common carp and the European catfish.

There was a time when...

Most of us are attached to the place where we live. We can discover changes day by day.

Show that you can work together.

Only communities can make significant changes that contribute to a sustainable development.

They used to have time to..

Learn about the past and traditions of education.

Do you feel good in your skin?

A lesson about the functioning and health of the human skin.

On the land of Inti's sons

A digital lesson about the colourful culture of the Inca Empire.


Learn about the concepts of floor plan, map, and map scale.

Gauss, the prince of mathematics

Why is Gauss often called the Prince of mathematics?

Arthropods in the water

Arthropods can be found on shores, on the surface of waterbodies and underwater.

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