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Do you feel good in your skin?

A lesson about the functioning and health of the human skin.

Arthropods in the water

Arthropods can be found on shores, on the surface of waterbodies and underwater.

Planets in our backyard

The lesson illustrates the size of the planets in the Solar System and the huge distances...

Where does waste water go?

This lesson presents the production of waste water, its treatment and environmental impact.

Which came first, the feather or the bird?

This lesson presents which animals developed feathers during the course of evolution.

Join the caravan!

This lesson presents deserts and their flora and fauna.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids

Pyramids are the best known Ancient Egyptian structures.

Do plants move?

Plants also move. Although they do not have muscles, they can change the position of...

Are there mutants among us?

This lesson presents mutation types, their frequency and underlying causes.

How is the human body built up?

Learn how the human body is built up and about the differences between men and women.

Do reptiles ever get cold?

This lesson presents interesting facts about reptiles and their life.

What did people think about the atom in the past and what do we know now?

This lesson presents the structure of the atom through the history of atomic models.

The companion of Earth

This lesson explains the phases, the internal structure and surface of the Moon, as well...

Do we become what we eat?

The lesson presents the components of a healthy diet.

How to put out a fire?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with the basics of firefighting.

The physics of submarines

This lesson presents the concepts of density and buoyancy through the operation of the...

What kind of fruit is peach?

A lesson about peach trees and fruits, with a dessert at the end.

The structure of atoms

The lesson introduces you to the components of an atom.

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