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New Digital Education Packages from Vodafone

Máté Fazekas – 30. октобар 2020.

We are happy to announce that Mozaik Education’s new Digital Education Packages, created in the framework of a partnership with Vodafone, are available for Vodafone customers from 20 October 2020. These unique packages aim to improve access to immersive digital content for primary and secondary school students as well as to develop students’ digital skills.

MS Teams integration of our digital educational solutions

Máté Fazekas – 13. јул 2020.

Mozaik is proud to announce our MS Teams integration with our digital educational solutions. Mozaweb can now be installed as a third party tab app inside your Microsoft Teams providing a single sign-on and direct access to our content.  

Romanian Ministry of Education and EDP launched Mozaik's interactive digital solutions

Máté Fazekas – 28. мај 2020.

Mozaik Education is delighted to announce that on May 26th 2020, with our partners Editura Didactică și Pedagogică (EDP) and EduMagic and with support of the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania we successfully hosted a webinar for our Romanian audience with more than 7000 concurrent viewers. The event was opened with the speech of the Romanian Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Cristina Monica Anisie. In the event "Use of 3D textbooks and interactive tools to support distance learning", we were aiming to provide educational content and training to all Romanian teachers who would like to improve their teaching, through technologies that are easy to use and very attractive for students.

Introducing Mozaik 3D scenes for the Oculus Quest VR headset

Máté Fazekas – 27. фебруар 2020.

We are happy to announce that on the 25th of February, at the GESS Dubai exhibition we introduced our 3D solution optimized for Oculus Quest VR headset. In the upcoming months we are going to let you experience this amazing virtual experience at various exhibitions. The very next will be at Stuttgart, during Didacta 2020, between the 24th and 28th of March. Of course you will be able to experience all of our other exciting digital educational solutions at these events as well!

Breaking News - Mozaik signs a MOU with EITSC and GSC in 2019 in Vietnam

Mate Fazekas – 24. септембар 2019.

At Mozaik, we were certain that the success of the first steps for mozaBook sofrware in May 2019 was only the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in Vietnam with the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. We are thrilled  to announce that Dr. Ildikó Török, Mozaik’s Business Development Director attended a seminar, organized by our local partner Global Smart School (GSS) and the Ministry of Education and Training, to represent Mozaik and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for our future collaboration in the Digital Education 2020-2025 project of the Asian country.

mozaBook around the World - Lebanon

Bálint Mátyás – 21. јун 2019.

Collège National Orthodoxe in Tripoli, Lebanon is one of the first schools in the country that has implemented the mozaLearn educational system and the mozaBook presentation software in its classrooms.

mozaBook around the World - Vietnam

Bálint Mátyás – 31. мај 2019.

On May 15, the Le Quy Don Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City organized an event to promote innovative teaching methods in Vietnam with a lesson, called "Atoms - Journey Through Time", attended not only by teachers and students, but heads of education centres, principals, and parents. The unconventional science workshop took place right on the spacious schoolyard utilizing all the advantages that interactive boards, VR glasses and by the courtesy of our local partner, Tung Viet Communication, the mozabook digital presentation software have to offer.

Geographical Maps in mozaBook

Bálint Mátyás – 20. мај 2019.

Besides our printed textbooks and digital solutions, we are really proud of our super detailed and fun atlas collection for the subject of Geography. For interactive boards, we have had these maps for a long time in a separate framework program, called mozaMap and you may have already heard about the compact miniMap tool as well. However, it was high time to integrate these maps into our educational presentation software mozaBook to make everything more manageable and smoother in the classroom.

mozaBook and LabCamera win EDTECH COOL TOOL AWARDS in 2019

Bálint Mátyás – 04. април 2019.

Winning an award feels amazing, but winning two categories of the same competition feels even better. We are truly honoured to receive some serious recognition at one of the largest and most competitive program in all of education technology, this year’s EDTECH COOL TOOL AWARDS organized by the American EdTech Digest online magazine.

mozaBook at Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger

Bálint Mátyás – 13. фебруар 2019.

You might remember our lovely partner school from Haiger, Germany as last semester they were kind enough to write a short summary of their experiences of using our digital solutions. In October we had the chance to meet their media team in Frankfurt at the annual Buchmesse and conduct a quick interview about how things are going in the school, how kids are doing, and you know, about mozaBook itself.

Meet Mozaik Education at BETT 2019 in London!

Bálint Mátyás – 11. јануар 2019.

We are continually developing new software, interactive 3D, video and audio content and educational applications to meet the needs of education ministries, K-12 teachers and students, and publishers worldwide. Let's see what we have for the upcoming Bett Show!

Our Adventure with mozaBook - King Stephen Báthory Primary School No. 5

Anna Marciniak – 27. новембар 2018.

King Stephen Báthory Primary School No. 5 in Łodz has been using the mozaBook software since August 31, 2017. After the signing of the Partner School Agreement officially establishing our partnership. The software is installed on all interactive boards in the school and after a year of using these tools in our work we can definitely confirm that mozaLearn offers an integrated learning environment, providing teachers of all subjects with various educational tools such as videos, animation, and 3D models.

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