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Grab a VR headset and go!

29. април 2016.Jessica Mizerak

We think our 3D scenes are already cool, but today we’d like to announce it to the world: our 3D models just got even more amazing!
Every one of the interactive scenes which include the Walk feature, available on mozaWeb, have entered the world of virtual reality. More than 60 3D scenes can now be used with a virtual reality headset through the new mozaWeb 3D viewer. Download the mozaWeb 3D viewer to your Android smartphone from Google Play.  The iOS application is also available on the App Store.

See for yourself: open one of your favorite 3D models, open the Walk feature, denoted by the walking man icon. A small icon of VR glasses will appear. Just click on that and place the phone in your VR headset. Then have a walk around! Just look down towards your feet to start and stop the movement.

Don’t have a favorite model in mind? Here are a few of our team’s favorites. (Once you've downloaded the app, these links will automatically open the app) :
Medieval inhabited bridge (London Bridge, 16th century)

The city of Babylon (6th century BC)

Moon landing: 20 July 1969

Medieval town

Viking stave church (Borgund, 13th century)

Nikola Tesla's laboratory (Shoreham, US)

Any type of Virtual Reality headset will work - you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a fancy pair of glasses to walk around and explore a new world. Everyone in the business development department has tried it and with great response! We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

We are developing this feature for every 3D scene that we have so stay tuned. Soon you’ll be able to use your VR headset for every type of animated model.

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