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Mozaik is proud to announce our MS Teams integration with our digital educational solutions. Mozaweb can now be installed as a third party tab app inside your Microsoft Teams providing a single sign-on and direct access to our content.  

After automatically opening the relevant page, you are free to explore our extensive interactive media library including 1200+ 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos, dozens of tools and games to engage your students in a remote learning environment with Microsoft's general-purpose chat application.  You can open up an exercise book, digital publications and reach your homework. You have unlimited access through Teams to the wide range of features that our digital educational solutions offer. With the single-sign-on, registration is quick and easy, and you can immediately access our entire media library through MS Teams without wasting time and effort. 

Check out this informational video about our MS Teams integration below:

Please follow the steps below to install it:

1. Inside MS Teams, search for the Apps tab.

2. Click on the "Upload a custom app" option, and browse in this zip file

The app will be soon availabel for installation using Team's native search function as well.





Mozaik Education is delighted to announce that on May 26th 2020, with our partners Editura Didactică și Pedagogică  (EDP) and EduMagic and with support of the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania we successfully hosted a webinar for our Romanian audience with more than 7000 concurrent viewers. The event was opened with the speech of the Romanian Minister of Education and Research, Ms. Cristina Monica Anisie.  In the event "Use of 3D textbooks and interactive tools to support distance learning", we were aiming to provide educational content and training to all Romanian teachers who would like to improve their teaching, through technologies that are easy to use and very attractive for students.

The main focus was to showcase the digitalization and the use of EDP’s textbooks enriched with interactive tools in order to aid remote learning with the support of the mozaBook Classroom teaching software and the mozaWeb home learning solution. We were glad to assist with organizing a meeting where all Romanian teachers could participate online for free who would like to improve their teaching methods and learn how to customize their interactive textbooks in these difficult times.In our current global situation because of Covid-19, we have recognized that both teachers and students must deal with a lot of uncertain factors to provide an environment where an effective and engaging transfer of knowledge could happen. Oftentimes teachers need to learn digital tools which are not designed from the ground-up to be intuitive for immediate use. With our digital solutions, we aim to provide a framework of these digital tools that are integrated with the simplest tools and also with e-textbooks enriched with interactive educational content - like 3D scenes, videos, apps and games - as well. Teachers also have the freedom of creating their own customized content with the help of mozaBook’s easy-to-use presentational features.Providing technology that is attractive for both teachers and students could be vital in today’s digital world especially in light of recent global events. Engaging students and making teacher’s life easier is very important for us and we work hard every day with our partners to offer content and functionalities that are the best on the educational market. Combining familiar textbooks with access to over 1200 3D scenes, hundreds of educational videos and tools and games, teachers have the power to transform digital learning and to engage students and to save time and effort with the help of ready-made content while doing so.Thousands of people watched the webinar which started with the introduction speech of Mr. Claudiu Saftoiu, the Director General of EDP of Ms. Monica Anisie, the Romanian Minister of Education and Research. Mozaik Education’s Business Development Director Dr. Ildikó Török joined the session with a welcome speech as well. We hope to have many similar webinars in the future in collaboration with our partners across the world! We would like to show our sincere appreciation for the Ministry of Education and Research, EduMagic, and Editura Didactică și Pedagogicăa for organizing this amazing online event!Sources: https://www.edituradp.ro/articol/eveniment-gratuit-recomandat-de-ministerul-educatiei-si-cercetarii-foloseste-manualele-3d-si-instrumentele-interactive-pentru-a-sustine-lectii-la-distanta--i116



Introducing Mozaik 3D scenes for the Oculus Quest VR headset

27 de fevereiro de 2020Máté Fazekas

We are happy to announce that on the 25th of February, at the GESS Dubai exhibition we introduced our 3D solution optimized for Oculus Quest VR headset. In the upcoming months we are going to let you experience this amazing virtual experience at various exhibitions. The very next will be at Stuttgart, during Didacta 2020, between the 24th and 28th of March. Of course you will be able to experience all of our other exciting digital educational solutions at these events as well!

Starting at the end of May 2020, we will make the Oculus Quest function available in our 3D scenes for our partners as well. After that, they will be able to showcase this mind-blowing solution to their end-users, schools, teachers and of course for students too.

The schools, teachers and students - which are already actively using our educational solutions - will be able to experience our 3D scenes optimized for Oculus Quest starting from September 2020. From that point forward, they will not only be spectators, but active participants of this marvellous virtual world.

At Mozaik, we were certain that the success of the first steps for mozaBook software in May 2019 was only the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam. We are thrilled  to announce that Dr. Ildikó Török, Mozaik’s Business Development Director attended a seminar, organized by our local partner Global Smart School (GSS) and the Ministry of Education and Training, to represent Mozaik and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for our future collaboration in the Digital Education 2020-2025 project of the Asian country.

The MOU is signed between Mozaik, Education Information Technology Solution Center (EITSC) and Global Smart School (GSC) and it set the terms between the parties and encompasses mutually agreed-upon projects and solutions including the best practices and tools to support educational success in Vietnam

The MOU includes agreements about cooperation in software licences, localization and teacher trainings to establish a common responsibility to educate Vietnamese students in the best way possible.  To reach this goal, we believe it is essential to provide teachers with access to a state-of-the-art education platform in Vietnamese language and trainings to successfully and efficiently implement technology in their everyday teaching routine. The parties involved introduce the mozaLearn integrated education system together to the stakeholders of the public K-12 Education in Vietnam.

The mozaLearn system is an integrated cloud-based education system. It includes mozaBook, a multiple award-winning (EdTech awards, Bett Awards, Academics Choice Awards etc.)  teacher software optimized for interactive displays and projectors to support in-class teaching; and mozaWeb which provides full access to the interactive content (3D scenes, educational videos) and the educational applications through a browser in a web-based environment without installing any additional software. The mozaLearn system offers digital solutions for teachers, students, school administrators, textbook publishers, and ministries. Users can access Mozaik’s continually expanding educational content library, including more than 1200 interactive 3D scenes, 1000+ videos, and thousands of other audio and visual content. The system also includes interactive educational tools (apps) and games. Mozaik offers solutions for all K-12 subjects and grades

All parties emphasized the importance of implementing the information and communications technology (ICT) in the curriculum of Vietnam, which is intensively builds on STEAM subjects like science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Recently, STEAM has become a prioritized development agenda to promote the economic and social growth of Vietnam. The signees foresee the interactive textbooks enriched with interactive 3D content and using educational tools in the classrooms becoming more and more important. They also agree that making this content even more engaging with virtual reality technology is vital in this day and age. Immersive technologies - such as 3D and VR - is without question the trend of the future to empower educators and future-ready students.

We believe the mozaLearn system makes all of these previously mentioned technologies and solutions available to the Vietnamese public education system and provides  teachers and students with state-of-the-art technologies to keep up with current trends. We hope and aim to make learning fun in Vietnam together!


Got a mozaBook story for us from your country or school? Interested in becoming our partner? Get in touch with our team at ask@mozaweb.com! 

mozaBook around the World - Lebanon

21 de junho de 2019Bálint Mátyás

Collège National Orthodoxe in Tripoli, Lebanon is one of the first schools in the country that has implemented the mozaLearn educational system and the mozaBook presentation software in its classrooms. The IT team of the prestigious school installed mozaBook on interactive smartboards in the classrooms and received instant appreciation from both teachers and students.

What’s more, the media crew of the institution prepared a superb demo video as well, detailing the most important features of the system!

Michel Katra, the principal of the school says,

"As our students are learners of the digital era, we needed a system to make everything much more interactive and engaging for them. The mozaBook software  is a state-of-the-art solution in education and we wanted to be among the first schools in Lebanon to adopt this system.”

While Mr. Kilo (Physics) is enthusiastically explaining that creating electrical circuits and setting various parameters during the lesson with the help of the Elektro Kit has never been easier, one of the Chemistry teachers, Ms. Turkiye noted that the interactive 3D scene collection makes a real difference as it helps students thoroughly understand topics like atoms or atomic bonds.Although mozaBook provides a wide range of possibilities and content for higher grades, Ms. Taoum emphasized the importance and perks of having the interactive board and colorful pencil set on primary and kindergarten levels:

“Using different pencils or our own hands to draw shapes and write letters on the board is a great way to improve the fine motor skills of the pupils''

Interested to learn more about their journey with the mozaLearn system in the school? Check out the full video and meet the teaching crew of St. Elie here!

In case you'd like to download the mozaBook software and give it a try, just click here for the free 30-day trial version.

See you next time!

mozaBook around the World - Vietnam

31 de maio de 2019Bálint Mátyás

On May 15, the Le Quy Don Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City organized an event to promote innovative teaching methods in Vietnam with a lesson, called "Atoms - Journey Through Time", attended not only by teachers and students, but heads of education centres, principals, and parents. The unconventional science workshop took place right on the spacious schoolyard utilizing all the advantages that interactive boards, VR glasses and by the courtesy of our local partner, Tung Viet Communication, the mozabook digital presentation software have to offer.The lesson kicked off with a fascinating game where pupils were divided into 8 groups and moved around from station to station with a tablet to explore the secrets of atomic bonds, structures, and learn about famous scientists. Each station was equipped with an interactive board and the mozaBook software to provide the kids with interesting fun facts and useful information about the topic.

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc, a passionate science teacher in the school, says that students can get a grasp of Chemistry or Physics much more easily with special VR (Virtual Reality) glasses and interactive 3D models.“Using the VR glasses and mozaBook, for instance, with my 6th grade students certainly makes things much more fun in the classroom. Instead of learning and teaching only from a textbook, we create our own lessons and make it more interactive. This way we can help students understand the topic and develop a passion for Chemistry at the same time” she said.

The successful educational event in the secondary school was not the first occasion that mozaBook got presented in the Asian country.For the past few months, Tung Viet Communication has been actively engaged with promoting the presentation software in edtech exhibitions, like BESS VIETNAM 2019 and visiting institutions across the country to spread the word about their hardware and our interactive solutions.

It’s always a pleasure to see kids and teachers enjoying mozaBook and we’re delighted to receive similar news and feedback from any part of the world. At Mozaik, we  are certain that the success of these first couple of months has just been the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership in Vietnam.

Got a mozaBook story for us from your country or school? Interested in becoming our partner? Get in touch with our team at ask@mozaweb.com!  

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