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Mozaik visits Kazakhstan - S01e05

15 de maio de 2018Maxim Chigrin

We are really pleased to inform all of our readers that the delegation of Mozaik Education has returned from our latest  trip abroad. This time around we travelled to a quite unique country - Kazakhstan. What really made this journey special was the fact that it was the 5th time the Mozaik crew landed in this amazing Central Asian country.Our six-day visit was packed with different events and venues where we presented our state-of-the-art educational solutions to the public. It all started with Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS), located in the fabulous city of Almaty. Currently, Kazakhstan is on the verge of big changes in education, which is implied by the shift to the trilingual model of schooling (now pupils are taught Kazakh, Russian and English). NIS already serves as a good example of how such things can be implemented and work in reality.

We were also offered a campus tour in order to take a close look at the school’s infrastructure and it’s safe to say that we were quite impressed by what we had seen and could only wish all schools around the globe were similarly well-equipped. Finally, we gave a presentation about mozaBook and mozaWeb in a huge conference hall to the teachers of the school which was followed by a lively conversation with the participants who were all extremely excited.The next day we were fortunate enough to visit the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University in Almaty, which is one of the leading institutes in Central Asia. Presenting to university experts is also a wonderful opportunity for us to grow as we can also learn a great deal from these visits. At Mozaik we never miss the chance to share not only our experiences, but obtain new ones as well. After our presentation, we also agreed on a mutual cooperation so we are looking forward to hosting a delegation from Abai National University at our headquarters in Szeged, Hungary soon.The highlight of our visit was attending the International and Practical Conference “Modernization of Educational Resources: Experience and Perspectives” organized by the scientific republican educational centre “Uchebnik”. Geographically, Kazakhstan is sandwiched between Russia, China and the Middle East, which is a huge advantage for the country. Combining the best practices from all over the world, Kazakhstan is striving to become one of the largest hubs in various fields of expertise, and obviously, education is no exception.

The two-day event was dedicated to addressing the most problematic and burning issues of today’s education in the area. We think that some of the solutions have already been found within the walls of the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical Institute, but of course, further questions are yet to be explored.A big step forward, the memorandum of cooperation signed by the Scientific Republican Educational Centre “Uchebnik”, the Kazakh State Women’s Pedagogical Institute, and Mozaik Education can also be viewed as recognition of our collaboration on bettering education in Kazakhstan over the past few years.Taking into consideration that Hungarians and Kazakhs share bits of their heritage and history, we do not say a final goodbye to this wonderful country, but we just say it for now.

Thank you for the invitation!

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