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Geographical Maps in mozaBook

20 de maio de 2019Bálint Mátyás

Besides our printed textbooks and digital solutions, we are really proud of our super detailed and fun atlas collection for the subject of Geography. For interactive boards, we have had these maps for a long time in a separate framework program, called mozaMap and you may have already heard about the compact miniMap tool as well. However, it was high time to integrate these maps into our educational presentation software mozaBook to make everything more manageable and smoother in the classroom.First, simply select the map from your shelf, open it up, and check all the possibilities and map variations you can choose from… five continents, demographic views, populations, the environmental state of the Earth, so literally everything you may need in a Geography lesson is at your fingertips. Let’s select North America and see what we can do with the map:

  • zoom in and out without losing any image resolution quality,
  • write some comment or place appropriate icons and symbols on the map,
  • measure the distance between cities or the size of certain areas and countries,
  • or highlight some really significant details with various colors.

Teachers can easily create blank-map exercises by selecting the cities, setting the necessary guidelines and time for the test.

One of the major perks of transferring these atlases directly to mozaBook is that teachers can use these maps alongside their presentations or textbooks with the help of the split view option. There is no need to leave the interface or open any other program, just place your exercise book and the map next to each other and the lesson can begin.If you are interested in checking out mozaBook powered up with the comprehensive map collection, do not hesitate to download the free version of the software with a 1-month trial period. If you want to learn more about these maps, please visit the relevant page on our website by clicking here.

Do you you have any questions? Drop us a line at office@mozaweb.com and we’ll be happy to get in touch!

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