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Mozaik a BETT Awards Finalist in 3 categories

10 de novembro de 2018Bálint Mátyás

The BETT Awards are held in London every year with the most prominent players and stakeholders in education. The judges of the awards are known for their knowledge of ICT educational resources and selected from experienced teachers, education consultants and advisers, and high profile ICT journalists.

While the final ceremony will take place at the Troxy in London on 23rd January, the finalists were announced last week. This year Mozaik got shortlisted in not one, not two, but three different categories so we are truly honoured to get the chance to win it all with LabCamera, Mozaik3D app and mozaBook in 2019.

Our web-cam based science laboratory software, the LabCamera became Finalist in the category of “Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment” which is amazing since it was the first time that we entered Bett Awards with this compact, smart solution.Many of you may already know the program, but for those who haven’t come across or tried LabCamera before, we prepared a short review of the main features here. Kinematics, Motion Cam, Microscope… no matter which area of science you’re teaching, we put everything at your fingertips in one program and we are very thankful for the positive feedback we received from the reviewers.

Mozaik3D app is another first-timer among our products nominated to the award, so we are thrilled that it is running for the title of “Educational Apps” right off the bat. Mozaik3D app is available for Android devices and can be considered as the next step in the evolution of another application, called mozaWeb 3D viewer: all the 1200+ 3D animations in one place, login, subscription, filters, 3D infosheet, and related 3D scenes.Reading about it is also nice, but if you would like to give it a try, please feel free to do so. You can access 5 items per week totally free, without a subscription and the app is freely downloadable from the Google Play Store.

Last, but not least, here is the winner of Academic’s choice, European Business, and EdTech Awards, the mozaBook educational presentation software. After 2016 and 2017, mozaBook got shortlisted in the category of “International Digital Education Resource” again which is, of course, a huge accomplishment for the whole Mozaik team.Only those products can survive in this category which have a proven track record of success in the international education market and able to show evidence that the product has aided teaching and learning in a schools around the world.

Does it provide flexibility to the teacher?

Is it distinctive and innovative?

Does it enable effective learning?

mozaBook certainly does. Let us express how grateful and proud we are that our software is acknowledged as something special and receives recognition not only by our amazing teachers and students, but also from our peers in the education community.The exhibition season just kicked off in mid-October with the Frankfurt Book Fair, but is already in full swing for our crew (Frankfurter Buchmesse, Biblioteka Bratislava, SIMO Madrid). In January, we are returning to exhibit at the largest digital education event in the world, the Bett Show London.

Visit us at Stand F262 to see mozaBook, LabCamera, and Mozaik3D app in action and have a chat about how we can make education better!

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