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Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?

Dancing coin

This video demonstrates the expansion of gases with the help of a bottle and a coin.

Resonating air column

The amplified sound of the tuning fork indicates that the tuning fork causes the air column in the tube to resonate, producing a standing sound wave.

Upside-down glass of water

This video demonstrates that the force resulting from air pressure acts upwards too.

On the track of the rain - Savannahs

The flora and fauna of the savannahs adapt to the climate.

Where all water disappears - The Desert

Deserts cover nearly one-seventh of the Earth's land surface.

El Niño

The El Niño phenomenon has a great effect on the Earth's climate.

The distribution of food on Earth

Much more food is produced on Earth than is required to feed the population. While most people in developed countries have access to enough food, people in...

Inhaling Helium

What do you think happens if we inhale Helium?


Have you ever heard about boomwhackers? Believe it or not, these are real musical instruments.

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