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1.4 million downloads and counting

23 april 2018Bálint Mátyás

We are delighted to have reached 1.4 million downloads with our Human body (male) app on Google Play and App store. On this wonderful occasion, let me give you a short introduction to this app, created from the relevant 3D model in our Media library, and recommend other Mozaik applications that are also available for tablets and smartphones.

1.) The Human body (male) application is designed mainly for students to make biology lessons more exciting, interactive and, last but not least, understandable. Nonetheless, as you can tell by the huge number of downloads over the past few months, one does not have to be a pupil to be fascinated by the animation as it can be interesting for anyone who is eager to explore how our body works.

Frequent users of mozaBook and mozaWeb must be familiar with the different camera views and possibilities that the application has to offer. We can choose general overviews of the human body and examine our skeleton or muscles, but we can take a closer look at more detailed and precise views as well, like the cardiovascular or the reproductive system of human beings.No matter which camera view you pick, the scene will  always be easily rotatable and zoomable - all you have to do is just simply drag your finger on the screen. Moreover, if you happen to have a basic VR headset deep in the drawer, it’s high time to get it out and go for the built-in virtual reality mode. It’s superb fun!  In case you’ve downloaded the app, learned every minuscule detail about joints and muscles, what’s more, the secrets of our respiratory system has already ceased to amaze you… well, let me recommend our other 3D animations that are also freely accessible on Google Play, like the Otto engine or the Acropolis.

2.) Besides these stand-alone 3D apps, the traditional mozaBook application is also available for Android and iOS devices, so now you can take your interactive books and presentations anywhere you go and use them offline on your smartphone or tablet if you wish.

3.) Finally, the mozaik3D app, previously known as mozaWeb 3D viewer, has just got a brand new user interface and loads of really helpful functions, such as login, subscription, filters, 3D infosheet, and related 3D scenes. I would suggest giving it a try since you can access 5 items per week totally free, without a subscription.

The updated version of the app will soon be available for iOS devices in the App Store.

We are proud to announce the newest recognition that Mozaik Education was given: on March 15th in Łódź, Poland our company received the diploma for the Best Employers that Create and Support Education in 2017.

Definitely, as with previous awards and recognition, it wouldn’t be possible without people who share the same goal of offering the best quality education to the young: the teachers. We help them by doing our utmost and try to work out the best innovative tools to offer better chances to future generations, but it is in teachers’ hand to use these tools and create magic lesson to attract students’ attention.

Yet, one thing remains to be unveiled: this time the recognition is even more precious to us as the nomination came not only due to our outstanding products, but it is up to schools to recommend employers and companies who are collaborating with them while working for the good of education.

Thus this entry is to praise all the teachers and schools making our world a better place – and point at one among them in particular. 

Let me shortly sketch the background of the story.

Some months ago the idea appeared at Mozaik to cooperate even closer with schools and give a couple of chosen institutions in different countries opportunity to live mozaLearn experience to the fullest, while creating referential points for other schools around the world; that is how Mozaik Partner School project came to life and started to sprout out. Nowadays we are fruitfully collaborating with different schools here and there – one of them being  King Stephen Báthory Primary School No. 5 in Łódź.

Our Polish partners have been actively spreading the good word about mozaBook and the best practises while using our software suite. Their activities have quickly gone beyond their basic scopes and left their own school’s walls as they have become our best ambassadors in Poland. Apart from their every day classroom teaching and numerous other projects they take part in, they have visited us at our training center in Szeged twice so far to gain thorough knowledge of mozaLearn solutions. As they became expert of our digital solutions, they have held their own mozaBook trainings for teachers from other schools and collaborated in the organisation of the most recent Weekend with ICT event of Łódż Teachers’ Training Centre Łódż Teachers’ Training Centre

Furthermore, they write articles on mozaLearn solutions in the trade press, constantly send us feedback and proposals resulting from everyday usage of our solutions.

Simply, we can’t think of any better partners….

Thank you all down there for your unceasing work and continuous enthusiasm, we are really happy to have you on board.

In the photo below you can glimpse the headmistress of the King Stephen Bathory School, Ms. Anna Marciniak (first left) taking over the prize at the award ceremony last month.

Thank you Anna and your whole team! Let the power be with you! Mozaik is firmly standing with you there in the front line paving the way for modern education.


mozaTravel - DIDACTA 2018 Hannover

3 april 2018Bálint Mátyás

Another year has just passed and we returned to exhibit at the biggest German educational fair, DIDACTA - which event is quite unique as it is hosted in rotation by three cities: Cologne, Stuttgart and Hannover. Visiting the same exhibitions year by year certainly brings a lot to the table for us in terms of improving and developing our digital solutions. We can compare how the approach and the attitude are shifting in certain areas each year and what the stakeholders of education think of new pedagogical methods and learning tools. This year at DIDACTA one of the key topics was the growing impact of digitization so we rightfully felt at home in Hannover.DIDACTA, or as the German say, die Bildungsmesse, drew a huge number of visitors, mostly primary, secondary, and vocational school teachers and principals. Exchanging a few words with mozaBook end-users and this great group of professional educators is always a great way of collecting feedbacks.However, our team is going to return to Germany at least once again this year (the Buchmesse, the Frankfurt Book Fair is approaching fast), we can’t wait to pack our interactive screens and digital solutions, mozaBook, mozaWeb, and LabCamera in our travel bags and hit the road to DIDACTA 2019... well, this time in Cologne.

Hope to see you there.Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page regularly for exciting mozaNews and upcoming exhibition dates! You may also find more photos of the recent fairs we attended (Interpädagogica, the Bett Show, DIDACTA) in the past few months.  

New Mozaik building in Szeged

21 maart 2018Bálint Mátyás

Many of you might have already noticed the Mozaik logo and our signature blue and yellow colors on one of the most prominent buildings in Szeged. We are so proud and happy to announce that our company has acquired the well-known office building - a true masterpiece of modern architecture - last year and found a new home in the heart of the city. Starting out as a textbook publisher almost 30 years ago, Mozaik Education has made its way in the Hungarian textbook market and become the largest publishing house over the years. Realizing the possibilities and advantages digitalization has to offer, we started developing our digital solutions and putting together many different departments, co-workers, and ideas… well, like a real mosaic. For managing such a huge, blended collaboration it was essential to find a place where specific divisions can work together comfortably and effectively.What’s more, the brand new office building is just a few minutes walk from our original headquarters at Klauzál square where our monthly partner trainings are held. The shops, cafés, and beautiful buildings of the nearby Kárász street provide an amazing Mediterranean vibe that makes strolling through this downtown area a true delight.Our one and only 3D department, who is responsible for delivering the coolest 3D models around, has just moved in and settled down in our new office. Of course, as we’re advancing into the new year, other departments are sure to follow.

Our aim with the new building is to construct a creative community, comprised of enthusiastic startups and promising companies whose innovative ideas are a good fit with our own philosophy, which might also lay the groundwork for a potential partnership in the future.

mozaTravel - BETT Show 2018

9 maart 2018Bálint Mátyás

At Mozaik the new year always comes with a busy schedule for our team as the largest edu-tech fair in the world, the BETT Show is traditionally held on the last week of January. Preparation for the show starts early not only for the organizers, but also for us as we try to make the most of our annual London trip. One thing is for sure: BETT 2018 was truly a show to remember.

35,000 visitors came together at ExCel London this year to find out what the future and the present holds for schools around the world and see the latest trends in education first-hand. Exhibiting at BETT for the 6th time in a row, it was great to see many familiar faces stopping by our stand just to say hello or share some nice experiences of using mozaBook and mozaWeb. Of course, hosting new visitors and presenting them our digital solutions feels amazing, too, as the pure excitement on the faces is always worth the hard work on and off the exhibition.Fortunately, our meeting schedule was completely full during the five days. Among many other companies, it was a great honour to host two groups of Ministry delegations at our stand as well. Liliya Hrynevych, the Ukrainian Minister of Education and the Saudi Arabian company Tatweer also paid a visit to know more about the integrated mozaLearn system and explore the possibilities of a cooperation in their respective countries.

What’s more, our certified mozaWizards had the opportunity to introduce our ed-tech solutions, including mozaBook, mozaWeb and LabCamera, at the Hungarian Collective Stand in the form of 15-minute presentations.Speaking of LabCamera, our webcam-based natural science laboratory (and by the way the most recent addition to mozaLearn) was officially introduced at the BETT Show for the first time and the debut was a major success! In this day and age, interactivity in the classroom is not an optional extra anymore and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education plays a super important role in modern schools. Therefore, we were proud to present our software,  which not only helps carry out scientific observations and measurements, but makes it 100% easier and more fun!The BETT Show in London was just the first step as we are advancing into the new year, but it already set the tone for the rest of the exhibition season.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events where you can meet us and visit our Facebook page for more photos.

London, see you next year!  

This time during the year everybody gets crazy about Christmas, Advent, gifts etc. Neither we forget about the reality around us – if you haven’t done it yet, just have a glimpse at our 3D Christmas Calendar and every-day treats waiting for you there.

However, we would like to share another nice mozaBook story with you. Just a week ago we had a great opportunity to combine our mission to share the good practice about edu solutions with passionate teachers around the globe - as well as help out Santa a bit. We were happy to got invited to Poznań, Poland to deliver mozaBook trainings to a number of ICT enthusiasts. There were a couple of places we visited aroung the city, out of which let us mention the very special one where we spent the day of December the 6th. Thanx to Ms Ewa Superczyńska, the director of the institution, we were warmly hosted by the Poznań Teacher Training Center (ODN by its Polish shortcut), a place that is definetelly one of the most important locations for all the teachers and educators from Poznań.

We offered our time and expertise to methodologists that participate at our mozaBook very basic training and show them how they can implement new digital solutions and modern technologies in school education in Poland. Everybody worked hard there, definetely deserving a reward. So as 6th of December is the day of Santa in Poland and in other countries, we didn't hesite to bestowe a little gifts to all the participants - a mozaBook demo cards so that they can get more familiar with mozaBook later.

Not only did we hold the training itself, but also heard and answered a number of questions raised by the participants. Although we had only for 3.5 hours scheduled time, the participants amased us being able to create their own short presentations with animated objects from our media library as well as from their own resources. Verily, mozaBook again proved to be modern and user-friendly solution for people with different background and expertise-level.

Remember, if you haven't tried it yet, Christmas is all-year-round here with us - there is always a monthly trial period waiting for you! Enjoy and share the good practises with others!

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