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mozaBook in Germany - Mittelpunkt Elementary School of Haiger

7 mei 2018Bálint Mátyás

Six months ago we had the chance to host three amazing German teachers at our dedicated training center in Szeged, Hungary. The media team of the Mittelpunkt Elementary School travelled all the way from Haiger with a clear purpose: learn about the mozaLearn system as much as possible, then implement our digital solutions, mozaBook and mozaWeb in their wonderful elementary school, called Mittelpunktgrundschule Haiger.After successfully completing the 3-day training, the team got equipped with the knowledge that they could pass on to their fellow educators in their hometown school. They downloaded and activated mozaBook on all the five interactive boards of the institution so there was nothing left standing in the way of beginning the real work with the educational software in the classroom.

According to Lukas Hoeser, the leader of the Media team, it was clear from the very beginning that mozaBook could offer a wide range of possibilities to everyone in the school, no matter what subjects they teach. “After a few lessons, our teachers in the school have quickly realized how motivated and focused the students are in the classroom. All of them are eager to come forward to work with the board and that’s the most important”  said Lukas.In their detailed report they highlight some practical advices and experiences with mozaBook as well that proved to be especially helpful in case of specific subjects. For instance, in Science education the 3D animations have been a huge boost for the kids to understand how external and internal organs work and what certain body parts are responsible for.But they also mention other areas, such as German lessons in the 4th grade, where now the teachers can easily engage the little ones in classroom activities with the help of the subject-related tools in the software and the digitized images from children’s books and short stories. The students got simply hooked on reading and they can’t wait to discuss their ideas and thoughts in the classroom!

As Lukas says mozaBook has become the part of the everyday life in our school. It spares a lot of time and effort while we’re preparing for lessons; what’s more it motivates not only the students, but also the teachers in their daily work.”In the next couple of months, the leadership of the elementary school is planning to equip the building with even more interactive boards and continue the use of mozaBook and mozaWeb.

From all of us at Mozaik Education, we would like to extend our thanks to all the enthusiastic teachers of Mittelpunktgrundschule Haiger for helping Mozaik to shape the future of education.

It’s just so good to hear stories and positive feedback like that!

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