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mozaBook scores a hit among Polish teachers in Poznań

15 december 2017Lidia Vasut

This time during the year everybody gets crazy about Christmas, Advent, gifts etc. Neither we forget about the reality around us – if you haven’t done it yet, just have a glimpse at our 3D Christmas Calendar and every-day treats waiting for you there.

However, we would like to share another nice mozaBook story with you. Just a week ago we had a great opportunity to combine our mission to share the good practice about edu solutions with passionate teachers around the globe - as well as help out Santa a bit. We were happy to got invited to Poznań, Poland to deliver mozaBook trainings to a number of ICT enthusiasts. There were a couple of places we visited aroung the city, out of which let us mention the very special one where we spent the day of December the 6th. Thanx to Ms Ewa Superczyńska, the director of the institution, we were warmly hosted by the Poznań Teacher Training Center (ODN by its Polish shortcut), a place that is definetelly one of the most important locations for all the teachers and educators from Poznań.

We offered our time and expertise to methodologists that participate at our mozaBook very basic training and show them how they can implement new digital solutions and modern technologies in school education in Poland. Everybody worked hard there, definetely deserving a reward. So as 6th of December is the day of Santa in Poland and in other countries, we didn't hesite to bestowe a little gifts to all the participants - a mozaBook demo cards so that they can get more familiar with mozaBook later.

Not only did we hold the training itself, but also heard and answered a number of questions raised by the participants. Although we had only for 3.5 hours scheduled time, the participants amased us being able to create their own short presentations with animated objects from our media library as well as from their own resources. Verily, mozaBook again proved to be modern and user-friendly solution for people with different background and expertise-level.

Remember, if you haven't tried it yet, Christmas is all-year-round here with us - there is always a monthly trial period waiting for you! Enjoy and share the good practises with others!

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