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The mozaLog digital school register, developed by Mozaik Education, is an educational information system that enables school staff to use a single interface for both administrative and organisational tasks. By using mozaLog, the laborious and cumbersome management of traditional paper-based class registers becomes redundant.


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Access to the digital school register is granted to the user levels listed below.
The demo version of mozaLog can be tried with all user levels, but certain features are available only in the full version.


Head teacher




Start demo as teacher
  • Managing lessons
  • Entering study material
  • Term-final and year-final evaluation
  • Student school diaries
  • Student school reports
  • Daily absences
  • Timetable overview
  • Praises and reprimands
  • Planning and notifying students of tests
  • Messages to teachers, parents and students
  • Statistics of progress, academic achievement and absences
Start demo as school head teacher
  • Importing data (students, teachers, timetable)
  • Managing timetables
  • Managing school year schedule
  • Covers, cancelled lessons
  • Lesson swaps, rescheduled lessons
  • Collective events
  • Teachers', students' and parents' data
  • Managing users
  • Finalising school year
  • Printing entire school register
  • Statistics of progress, academic achievement, number of students and absences
  • School settings
  • Data dictionary

Option to have teacher rights

Start demo as parent

Access to children's school data:

  • Daily lessons and study material
  • School diaries, school reports
  • Praises and reprimands
  • Daily absences
  • Absence statistics
  • Weekly timetable
  • Personal data
  • Messages to teachers, appointments for consultation with teachers
  • Email notifications of children's marks, absences, praises and reprimands, as well as school programs and assignments
Start demo as student
  • Daily lessons, study material
  • School diaries, school reports
  • Praises and reprimands
  • Daily absences
  • Weekly timetable
  • Personal data
  • Messages to teachers
  • Managing summer practises and community services
  • Email notifications of children's marks, praises and reprimands, as well as school programs and assignments
Start demo as administrator
  • Importing data (students, teachers, timetables)
  • Managing timetables
  • Managing school year schedule
  • Covers, cancelled lessons
  • Lesson swaps, rescheduled lessons
  • Collective events
  • Teachers', students' and parents' data
  • Managing users
  • Finalising school year
  • Printing entire school register
  • Statistics of progress, academic achievement, number of students and absences

Option to have teacher rights

The user interface and menu items of mozaLog demo are displayed in the selected language. The contents, such as student or subject names, are samples only and will be displayed in English.


Why choose mozaLog?

Available from anywhere

It is accessible from any computer, tablet, PC or smartphone with an Internet connection. There is no need to install any additional programs. In order to use mozaLog, all you need is a web browser.


Broadband servers ensure the operation of the digital school register 24 hours a day, so that mozaLog can be used by many thousands of people at a time over the Internet.


mozaLog is designed to reduce the daily administrative burden on teachers and to be an effective means of communication both within the institution and with parents. The user interface is easy to use and does not require anything more than basic computer skills.


The software is supervised by professionals who can create daily backups of the entire mozaLog database.


mozaLog allows direct and high level communication between the board of governors and the associated institutions, as well as between the school management, teachers, students and parents.

All administration and scheduling of tasks are easy to control and supervise. Online contact can be efficiently maintained between the governing institution and all schools within their network.

The digital school register is designed to simplify organisational and administrative tasks and to foster communication, thus contributing to a better and more efficient functioning of the education system and to the improvement of quality of education.

With the help of the digital school register, the board of governors is provided with up-to-date information about teachers’ personal and employment data, and also the number, composition and academic progress and absences of students.

Daily administration, grades, absences

The system enables teachers to fulfil their administrative tasks related to teaching anywhere and as quickly as possible using any modern IT device. Teachers can use their own page to record their lesson topics, to review the ongoing work of each class, enter missing data or even to print the progress book for the entire academic year.

When entering marks, teachers can specify a type and add comments. This enables teachers to remember what they based the marks on, even months later and, if necessary, modify previously entered marks.

Besides absences, late arrival, exemptions and lack of equipment can also be recorded.

Simple administration, statistics, reports

mozaLog can download student data from a central system. After importing the data, it is only the changes that have to be recorded to keep the administration system updated. The software creates full academic and absence statistics for classes with just one click. The statistics are instantly available for administrators, headmasters and even for educational authorities.

mozaLog can count simple or weighted grade averages and class averages for individual tests, in order to provide a versatile analysis of academic achievements. The comparative charts in the digital school register help users keep track of changes in the academic results of classes.

The absence statistics view lets users easily view and keep track of authorized and unauthorized absences. Percentage limits can be set for keeping track of absences. The system will automatically highlight students who reach the limit in a certain subject.

Timetables, teacher substitutions

There are multiple ways to enter timetables: mozaLog can import timetables created in aSc TimeTables or timetables can be uploaded as MS Excel spreadsheets. Changes to the timetable which occur during the academic year can be entered via the built-in timetable editor in mozaLog.

The software can manage class swaps and teacher substitutions without any additional administrative work for teachers. In addition to regular classes, mozaLog can also manage school events (e.g. ceremonies, assemblies, school trips).

mozaLog can manage classes and special events according to bell schedules including regular, extra-curricular and after-school activities. mozaLog can also add events to timetables which cannot fit to regular bell schedules.

mozaLog will provide a list of teachers available for cover, highlighting those who teach the same subject and those who teach other subjects. Supervision, class swaps and merges can also be recorded. Teachers can record covered classes just like normal classes. Long-term cover can also be managed in the software.

Benefits for school management

With all school employees using the same system, administration becomes simple and easy to review and supervise. The time necessary for documentation can be significantly reduced, while administrative discipline and motivation will increase and more time is left for education. The system makes the school schedule clear and easy to follow for everyone.

The yearly schedule module allows for the planning of the academic year, entering school days, days without teaching, school holidays, school events, school trips, etc. Additional information useful for teachers, students and parents, can be entered into each day of the school calendar.

The software can create reports for a wide range of applications. The school management can retrieve these reports with a single click. Academic statistics can be viewed class by class and class achievements can be compared. At the end of the academic year the software prepares complete academic and absence statistics for each class and for the entire school, as well as statistical datasheets on student headcount. Datasheets and reports can be retrieved for individual classes or for the entire school.

If school management would like to have a summary or report of school work, mozaLog can create comprehensive analyses illustrated by informative charts.

Communication with parents and students

With the mozaLog digital school register, parents can follow their children’s academic achievements, absences, as well as the evaluation of their behaviour and diligence. Teachers can communicate with both students and parents through mozaLog.

Parents can keep track of their children’s timetables and view the topic of each class. This function of mozaLog helps parents to follow their children’s academic progress. Teachers can send notifications about upcoming school events, trips, tests and exams, so students and parents are informed about their future tasks.

If they require, parents can receive automatic email updates of all new entries concerning their children (marks, absences, praise, reprimands, etc.).

Contacting parents becomes easier within the system, thus a new form of contact becomes available besides personal meetings (parent-teacher conferences, consultations).

Data protection and security

The digital school register software runs on servers supervised by experts. The high bandwidth servers allow a large number of users to access and use the software at the same time. mozaLog can be used with several user access levels. These determine what type of data and functions each user can access or modify.

  • Logins are recorded for safety, data traffic takes place via protected and encrypted Internet connection.
  • The system detects and stores failed login attempts of unauthorised users; this data can be retrieved later.
  • The software also records the time and date of entering or modifying marks.
  • In order to increase data security, a daily full database backup can be scheduled.

Digital school register on the school website

Our mozaPortal service is a website service with a functional website structure, designed and tested to suit the school environment. Its menu is freely variable so that it can be customised to the school’s individual needs.

The digital school register can be ordered together with the mozaPortal school website service. In this case, mozaLog is incorporated into the school website and is accessible from the menu. mozaPortal will display data taken from the digital school register, e.g.: lists of teachers, students and classes; timetables, schedules.

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