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Wonders of the Ancient World

Wonders of the Ancient World

Today only one of the Wonders of the Ancient World is still intact: the Pyramids of Giza.



Senās pasaules brīnumi, Lielā pirama no Gizas, Aleksandrijas bāka, Babilonas karājās dārzi, Artemīzes templis Efezā, Halikarnāsas mauzolejs, Rosa Kolosu, Ziemassvētku statuja pie Olimpijas, arhitektūra, Grieķija, Babilonija, Ēģipte, Mesopotāmija, baznīca, mauzolejs, Atmiņa, senatne, Vēsture

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Egyptian Pyramids (Giza, 26th century BC)

The Giza Necropolis is the only one of the Ancient wonders still intact.

Olympia (5th century BC)

The Olympic Games, held in the town every 4th year after 776 BC made it one of the centres of ancient Greece.

The city of Babylon (6th century BC)

The ancient city of Babylon was built on the banks of the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia.

Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi is the emblem of the Mesopotamian civilisation; it contains 282 laws carved into a basalt stele.

Euclid of Alexandria

The Ancient Greek scientist, Euclid of Alexandria, is often referred to as the 'father of geometry'.

Legendary ancient empires

Numerous legendary empires were built (and destroyed) in the course of history.

Legendary buildings

A selection of legendary buildings from the history of civilisation.

Pyramid of Djoser (Saqqara, 27th century BC)

The step pyramid, built in the 27th century BC, was the first pyramid in Egypt.

Tenochtitlan (15th century)

The magnificent capital of the Aztec Empire astonished even the Spanish Conquistadors.

Tutankhamun’s tomb (14th century BC)

One of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century was the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh.

Ziggurat (Ur, 3rd millennium BC)

Ziggurats were typical terraced step pyramids used as temples in ancient Mesopotamia.

Ara Pacis Augustae (Rome, 1st century BC)

The Altar of Peace, commissioned during the reign of Augustus, was one of the most important works of ancient Roman art.

Milestones of sculpture

The animation shows five outstanding works in the history of sculpture.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone helped to solve the mystery of hieroglyphics.

Types of ancient Greek columns

The Doric, Ionic and Corinthian order of columns are different in size and ornamentation as well.

Venus figurines

These Palaeolithic statuettes probably symbolise fertility and prosperity.

Akropole (Atēnas, 5. gs. p.m.ē.)

Atēnu Akropole – pasaulē slavenākā citadele – tika uzbūvēta 5. gadsimtā p.m.ē. Perikla valdīšanas laikā.

Circus Maximus (Rome)

The ancient Roman arena became well-known for the chariot races held here.

Kolizejs (Roma, 1. gadsimts)

Romas slavenākais un majestātiskākais amfiteātris tika uzbūvēts 1. gadsimtā.

Moai (Easter Island, 16th century)

This Pacific island is famous for its unique monolithic human figures.

Mycenae (2nd millenium BC)

The city with advanced culture was the first settlement in history to have a citadel.

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