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Offshore natural gas extraction, Norway

Offshore natural gas extraction, Norway

The Troll A is an offshore natural gas platform, the largest offshore platform ever built: it rises about 170 metres above water level, weighs 656,000 tonnes and its total height is 472 metres.

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dabasgāzes ieguve, dabasgāze, gāzes lauks, depozīts, ekstrakcija, piekrastes platforma, naftas platformas, lāpas, kondensāts, jūra, nafta, minerālu resursi, tankkuģis, tehnika, Ģeogrāfija

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A fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity.

Oil platform

A long pipe in the centre of the tower penetrates the ocean bed until it reaches the layer that contains oil.

Open-cast mine

As opposed to underground mines, in open-pit mines the layers covering coal are removed, coal is extracted on the surface.

Thermal power station (hydrocarbon fuel)

Thermal power stations convert energy released during the combustion of fossil fuels or renewable resources into electricity.

Underground coal mining

As opposed to opencast mines, in underground mines the layers covering coal are not removed, coal is extracted from mine shafts.

Viking settlement (10th century)

Typical settlements of the Norsemen were not only established in Scandinavia, they appeared on distant areas as well.

Methane hydrate

A solid substance formed at low temperatures on the ocean floors of Earth by the high pressure.

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