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Kolizejs (Roma, 1. gadsimts)

Kolizejs (Roma, 1. gadsimts)

Romas slavenākais un majestātiskākais amfiteātris tika uzbūvēts 1. gadsimtā.



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Saistītie vienumi

Pula Arena (Pula, 1st century)

The Pula Arena, located in present-day Croatia, was one of the largest Roman amphitheatres in the Antiquity.

Roman gladiators (2nd century)

Gladiators were combatants who entertained audiences in fights against each other or wild animals in ancient Roman arenas.

Ancient Roman aqueduct and road

The excellent road and aqueduct system covering the whole empire reflects well the development of the Roman civilisation.

Ancient Roman military camp

As the Roman Empire expanded, military camps were established on the newly conquered territories.

Ara Pacis Augustae (Rome, 1st century BC)

The Altar of Peace, commissioned during the reign of Augustus, was one of the most important works of ancient Roman art.

Arch of Titus (Rome, 1st century)

The Arch of Triumph was built at the entrance of the Forum Romanum, to commemorate Emperor Titus’ victory in the Siege of Jerusalem.

Late Roman soldier (4th century)

The prosperity of the eastern part of the Roman Empire started in the early 4th century, during the reign of Emperor Constantine.

Leonardo da Vinči darbnīca (Florence, 16. gadsimts)

Paviesojieties šī Renesanses laikmeta zinātnieka un mākslinieka darbnīcā Florencē un iepazīstiet viņa izcilākos izgudrojumus un mākslas darbus.

Teatro Olimpico (Vicenza, 16th century)

The first indoor theatre in modern history to be constructed according to the theatre-building codes of Antiquity was inaugurated in 1585.

Ancient Roman domus

Wealthy citizens in ancient Rome owned large houses with varied layouts of several rooms.

Roman soldier (1st century BC)

Mercenaries of the ancient Roman army were well-trained and well equipped with the most up-to-date weapons.

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