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Inventions in the textile industry, 18th century

Inventions in the textile industry, 18th century

Inventions in the 18th century resulted in huge advances in the development of the textile industry.

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Textile factory (19th century)

Owing to the inventions in the 18th century, textile industry became one of the most important industries.

Mail coach service (Great Britain, 18th century)

Before the emergence of motorised vehicles, letters and parcels were delivered by horse-drawn mail coaches.

Phonograph and gramophone

Edison´s invention records and plays sound from a cylinder, while Berliner´s apparatus uses a disc.

Types of gears

Two meshing gears transmit torque during their rotational motion.

Motorised aeroplane (János Adorján, 1910)

The construction of ´Libelle´ (Dragonfly) is one of the milestones of (Hungarian) aviation history.

The Turk (Automaton Chess Player)

Wolfgang von Kempelen´s best known invention.

Watt´s steam engine (18th century)

The steam engine, perfected by the Scottish engineer James Watt, revolutionised technology.

Working-class district (19th century)

Typical working-class districts with unhealthy living conditions were built at the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial estate

Industrial estates provide infrastructure and services for companies.

Mining at the time of the Industrial Revolution

At the end of the 18th century, mining boomed because of the great need for raw materials in the dynamically developing industry.

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