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Aeolian landforms in deserts

Aeolian landforms in deserts

Wind, as an external force, plays an important role in shaping deserts.



vējš, zemes forma, tuksnesis, kāpa, smilšu kāpa, smiltis, erozija, sēņu roks, plakankalne, virsma, ārējie spēki, oāze, fiziskā ģeogrāfija, ģeomorfoloģija, Ģeogrāfija

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The Earth is divided into geographical and climatic zones, which result in the zonation of vegetation.

Atmospheric circulation

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Rivers and landforms

Rivers play an important role in shaping the Earth's surface: they cause erosion as well as carrying and depositing sediment.

The development of lakes

Standing bodies of water can form in depressions on the surface by both endogenic and exogenic forces, as well as by human activity.


Machines converting the energy of wind into useful forms of power were already in use in the Middle Ages.


The dromedary is an indispensable animal for inhabitants of the deserts.

Bedouin camp

The seminomadic lifestyle of the Bedouin adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions of the desert.

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