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Blokinių namų statyba

Blokiniai pastatai buvo plačiai paplitę buvusiose socialistinėse šalyse.

Clothing (Western Europe, 13th century)

Clothing reflects the lifestyle and culture of the region's inhabitants.

Silver bromide (AgBr)

A white, crystalline compound which breaks down when exposed to light.

Folding (intermediate)

Lateral compressive forces cause rocks to form folds. This is how fold mountains are formed.

Athletics stadium

Several different sporting events can be held in an athletics stadium.

Cube puzzle

Building cubes shown in several views from the available unit cubes aids spatial vision and other skills.

Grouping of cuboids

This animation demonstrates various types of cuboids through everyday objects.

Pyrimidine (C₄H₄N₂)

A heterocyclic organic compound, its derivatives are thymine, cytosine and uracil.


The harp is one of the oldest plucked string instruments.

Soldiers of the Hungarian War of Independence (1848-49)

The main participants in the battles of the Hungarian War of Independence were the Hungarian, the Imperial and the Russian soldiers.

Vengrijos armija XV amžiuje (pėstininkai)

Vienas pagrindinių Vengrijos ir Kroatijos karaliaus Matijaus Korvino Juodosios armijos vienetų buvo pėstininkai.

Hungarian police patrol car

This animation demonstrates the equipment of a police patrol car.

Printed circuit board

This animation demonstrates the structure of small, mass-produced circuit boards.

Cube sections (exercise)

Examining solids formed by the intersection of a cube and a plane.

Dynamo (basic)

A dynamo converts mechanical energy into direct current.

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