Warm front, cold front

Cold and warm fronts are formed where bodies of cold and warm air meet.

The reflection and refraction of light

A ray of light is reflected or refracted at the boundary of two mediums with different...

p-V-T diagram for ideal gases

The relationship between the pressure, volume and temperature of ideal gases is described...


Mercury is innermost and smallest planet of the Solar System.


A spacecraft on its path is in a constant state of free fall.


Capacitors store electrical energy in the form of electric charge.

Wankel engine

A type of rotary engine of high efficiency


Neptune is the outermost planet of the Solar System, the smallest of the giant planets

Suction pumps and direct action pumps

Direct action pumps and suction pumps are among the simplest water pumps.

Light and shadow

By varying the position of the light source, you can examine the shades projected onto...

Satellite navigation, GPS

The Global Positioning System consists of 24 satellites but only 4 have to be visible for...

Torsion balances

A force can be measured by measuring the twisting of the torsion wire in a torsion balance.

Moon radar experiment (Zoltán Bay, 1946)

In 1946 a Hungarian scientist was the first person to detect radar echoes from the Moon.

Simple harmonic motion and uniform circular motion

Simple harmonic motion can be considered to be the one-dimensional projection of uniform...

Dynamo (basic)

A dynamo converts mechanical energy into direct current.

Pluto - Charon system

The largest satellite of Pluto is Charon.

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