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How does it work? - Impulse steam turbine

How does it work? - Impulse steam turbine

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of impulse turbines.


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Susiję elementai

Water turbine, generator

Water turbines convert the kinetic energy of water into electric current.

Geothermal power station

Geothermal power stations convert energy of hot, high-pressure water found in deeper layers of the Earth into electricity.

How does it work? - Turbojet

This animation demonstrates how a turbojet engine works.

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Biogas can be produced from organic material (manure, plant waste, organic waste) using bacteria. Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide; burning...

Concorde (1969)

The first supersonic passenger airliner entered service in 1976.

Evaporation and boiling

What happens in a liquid during evaporation and boiling? What does its boiling point depend on?

F-16 „Kovojantis sakalas” (JAV, 1978 m.)

"Kovojantis sakalas" yra sėkmingiausias orlaivis iš daugiafunkcinių naikintuvų kategorijos.

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants convert the energy released during nuclear fission into electric power.

Thermal power station (hydrocarbon fuel)

Thermal power stations convert energy released during the combustion of fossil fuels or renewable resources into electricity.


Machines converting the energy of wind into useful forms of power were already in use in the Middle Ages.

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