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Historicist revivalism in architecture

Characterised by the revival of past styles, historicism was the main architectural style of the 19th century.

The father of comets: Edmond Halley

Prior to the 17th century astronomers were unable to account for the phenomenon of shooting stars.

Hungary, a country in the heart of Europe

This Central European country has a population of 10 million. Its capital is Budapest. Much of its area is flat, the rest is hilly and mountainous.

The change of seasons

Seasons result from the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis, which is constant during the Earth’s orbit.

The future of our world

In the world of science, the future is forecast on the basis of various mathematical models. Let’s look at a couple of examples!

Charles V, the Habsburg emperor

Charles V was the most influential and powerful ruler of the 16th century.

The Berlin Wall

During its existence, hundreds of people attempted to escape over the Berlin Wall but most of these attempts ended with death.

The history of space flight Part III - Star Wars

By the early 1980s, both the Soviet Union and the U.S. had accumulated a huge amount of nuclear weapons.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

A confrontation that almost led to a nuclear war.

How do rocks become soil?

Weathering plays an important role in soil formation.

Eroded fault-block mountains

We can come across the remains of the Variscan and Caledonian mountain systems almost anywhere in the world.

Deep in the caves

The unique beauties of the karstic caves are called dripstones.

The history of space flight Part II - Battle for the Moon

The Cold War is on between the two superpowers. The only question is who gets to the surface of the Moon first?

The brown bear

Let’s see how a bear, which the most popular chidren's toy was modelled after, lives in real life.

Sink or swim

This experiment demonstrates how a piece of paper floats in one type of liquid but sinks in another.

The math behind the lottery

A lot of people have certainly dreamt about winning the lottery. But how big is that chance? Let’s do some math!

The fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein

Everyone who likes fairytales, the world of kings and queens, and everyone who likes contemplating the past will see Bavaria as pure heaven on earth. The...

How does a mathematician catch a lion in the Sahara?

By using the bisection method, we can find the roots of any real continuous function that has positive and negative function values.

The soil

Soil is the loose, uppermost, fertile layer of the Earth’s crust.

Milford Sound

Deep within Fiordland National Park lies New Zealand’s most stunning natural attraction: Milford Sound

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