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Tectonic lake

Lakes formed by the movement of plates of the Earth's crust are called tectonic lakes. The shifting of tectonic plates can create basins which, when filled...

The side-effects of mining

Mining is a crucially important industry, but its long-term consequences, for example the destruction of the landscape, are often ignored.

Ready-made digital lessons (Biology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

In this short video we show you: - how to access digital lessons ready-made for educational and home-learning purposes - how open digital lessons in...

Socialist architecture

Socialist realism was the official style of art in the Soviet Union and the communist Eastern Bloc.

Roman ruins

Many remains of buildings are still visible in almost all provinces of the ancient Roman Empire. Excavation work is still going on today.


In big cities, the park & ride service is gaining popularity. Passengers can get to their workplace in the town centre quite fast, avoiding traffic jams.

Fossil-fuel power plant

Fossil-fuel power plants produce most of the world's electricity, but their efficiency is mediocre and they significantly pollute the environment.


During the course of history, bridges were points of strategic importance. Today they have a significant role in infrastructure.

Archeologists' work

History is not always based on bare facts, sometimes serious research needs to be done to explore our past. People who do that are called archaeologists,...

Four seasons

The continental climate zone is characterised by four seasons: hot summer, cold winter and two transitional seasons in between.

Salt Production

The evaporation of seawater provides an excellent opportunity for coastal countries to produce salt.

Paper birds

Let’s make paper birds! The more colour we use, the more beautiful our birds will look.

The Hundred Years’ War

A century of war between England and France marked the end of medieval European society.


Greece is considered one of the cradles of European culture. Today, its key sector is undoubtedly tourism.

Nets of a cuboid

This animation demonstrates the different nets of a cuboid and includes a game.


A cuboid is a polyhedron with six rectangular faces.

On the Beach

Going to the beach on a sunny day is a pleasant way of relaxation for many people.

The Ramson

The ramson is also called bear’s garlic, but do bears really like it? You can find out here and learn more about this plant that has medicinal properties...

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