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Thanks to its high nutritional value, the clover is an excellent fodder plant; four-leaved clovers are a real rarity and are thought to bring luck.

Field horsetail

A perennial plant with a rhizomatous stem, the length of which may reach 2-3 m. The height of the plant above ground, however, is only 50-60 cm.

European Parliament

The institutions of the European Union are located in different cities. Let’s take a look inside the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Birds of prey

This video is about birds of prey that hunt mainly vertebrates.


Summer is one of the four seasons of the temperate climate zone. The days are the longest and the weather is the hottest during this season.

Fluvial incision

Upper-course river features include V-shaped valleys, interlocking rapids and waterfalls.


Mosses are plants that can be found all over the world. It is an interesting fact that even after 400 years they are able to revive as soon as sunlight...


Mushrooms have a special role in the world of living organisms. Their most important task is to decompose organic, mainly plant materials.


The order with the largest number of bird species within the class Aves. Their common characteristic is that they use the syrinx at the base of their...


Most species of sedges grow in swamps, wetlands and other watery places where they usually dominate the flora.

Siberian tiger

This tiger subspecies it is largest of all the big cats. It kills one large prey about every five days, of which it is able to devour 50 kg of meat in one go.


Fog is a shallow layer of cloud close to ground level. When it descends, visibility drops drastically and road traffic may come to a standstill.


Mirages can be seen on hot summer days. This phenomenon is caused by the air warming up close to the surface.


Villages are settlements with a small population, usually situated near towns. Their economic activity is less bustling compared to that of towns.

Nuclear power plant

Many people doubt their safety, others consider it practically the most economical source of energy.

Traffic lights

In certain intersections traffic can be so heavy that safe crossing can only be ensured by traffic lights.

Power plants

Some power plants use fossil and renewable energy simultaneously.


The most significant city of the ancient world was Rome. During the era of the Roman Empire, the city already had a population of at least 1 million.


Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals, by fusion.

Mammoth bones

As humans began to conquer all the dry lands, the population of mammoths dropped drastically. They became extinct by the beginning of the Holocene.

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