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Smart putty

We can witness a surprising 'performance' thanks to the special abilities of elastomers.

Greenfield and brownfield projects

A new property can be built on a completely empty area or an old building can be renovated.

The Sun

Life on Earth would be impossible without the light and heat of the Sun.

Fading raspberry juice

We are testing surface binding abilities by adsorbing raspberry juice on active carbon of large specific surface area.

Mediterranean climate

Mediterranean climate, typical of the Mediterranean Basin, is a particular variety of subtropical climate.

Fallow deer

Its favourite habitat is oak forests. It can be easily recognised by its chestnut coat with cream coloured mottles.

Common crane

These birds are native to the woods, steppes and waters of Eurasia, from where they migrate to northern Africa and to the southern parts of Asia for winter.

Water lily

This indispensable plant of garden ponds, also grows wild in the lakes of plains.

Hamadryas baboon

A species of monkeys with complex social structure where hierarchical system can be clearly observed.

Dancing coin

This video demonstrates the expansion of gases with the help of a bottle and a coin.

Earthquake model

This experiment models the formation of earthquakes.


Libraries have always been a vital part of the community. Beside access to books, modern libraries also provide access to digital resources, such as video...


This species is an excellent example for symbiosis. Living together with sea anemones they keep predators away.


Shadows are formed when an object blocks the path of light. Shadows on the Earth's surface are not completely dark, because the rays of light are scattered.

Sprouting radish

Let’s see how one of our favourite vegetables, the radish develops from seeds.

Growing wheat

Wheat is one of the fastest growing cereals. Let’s see how it develops.

Human settlements

People live in different types of settlements. As the population grows, the range of services available for the residents widens as well.

Urban renewal

Unused, old factory buildings are often revitalised by leaving their original structure but giving them completely new functions.


The buffalo is a much more powerful beast of burden than cattle, it can carry or draw much heavier loads.


This class in the animal kingdom has the highest number of species. More than half of all known animal species, (more than 1 million) belong here.

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