Fire resistant water balloon

Using some water, you can easily make a fireproof balloon at home.

CD hovercraft

This simple experiment shows how you can make a floating CD using ordinary tools.

How long can we live?

Thanks to advances in medicine and our constantly deepening knowledge of biology, we are living...

The overpopulation of the Earth

This video presents the consequences of the Earth’s overpopulation, the antecedents of the...

Metropolises: destruction or sustainability

Watch this video to find out what problems a metropolis has to face today.

Disappearing money

You can make a coin disappear by using a glass of water and a plate. Check out how!

World's simplest motor

A simple but cool looking motor you can build at home using ordinary tools.


Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. Let’s take a look at its characteristics!

Trophic levels

Living organisms are classified into various trophic levels based on the role they play in the...

The Indian python

There are some species in the animal kingdom that do just fine with a single meal a month or...

Match levitation

Watch how two matches react with each other in this simple experiment.

Venice, the city of canals

All of these names suggest that Venice is a place worth visiting. Suffice it to say that today...

The bicycle

Here are a few interesting bits and pieces about the world’s most economical means of transport:...

Adventurers in time

This animation presents the phenomenon of the twin paradox that results from Albert Einstein’s...

The European beech

The term beech is used for several species of trees growing from North America to Asia, i.e. all...

The mysterious Northwest Passage

A possible sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans was sought for...


Mammals are the most developed representatives of the animal kingdom. Let’s find out more about...

The discovery of America

America was discovered by several groups before the Europeans arrived, but was forgotten after....


Tel-Aviv is a major city in Israel, located on the country's Mediterranean coastline. It is...

Visible sound

Have you ever seen the sound?

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