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The bicycle

Here are a few interesting bits and pieces about the world’s most economical means of transport: the bicycle.

Adventurers in time

This animation presents the phenomenon of the twin paradox that results from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.


Mammals are the most developed representatives of the animal kingdom. Let’s find out more about these animals with such diverse habitats.

How long can we live?

Thanks to advances in medicine and our constantly deepening knowledge of biology, we are living longer and longer. But how long can we live?

The Magical East: Istanbul (trailer)

Do you like to travel? Take an amazing virtual trip to the Magical East. Educational videos about the East. New mozaVideos, avalaible on mozaBook!

Match levitation

Watch how two matches react with each other in this simple experiment.

The Great Depression

This video presents the causes and the solution of the Great Depression.

Disappearing money

You can make a coin disappear by using a glass of water and a plate. Check out how!

Water thermometer

An easy way to make your own thermometer at home!

Dubai, the city of luxury

Dubai is one of the world’s fastest and most dynamically developing cities. Let’s see the economic trends that led the way.

CD hovercraft

This simple experiment shows how you can make a floating CD using ordinary tools.

Fire resistant water balloon

Using some water, you can easily make a fireproof balloon at home.

Balancing utensils table trick

With this little balance trick, you can amaze your friends using a toothpick, a spoon, a fork and a simple glass.

Fruit-power battery

Watch how a few lemons can produce electricity.

The mysterious Northwest Passage

A possible sea route connecting the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans was sought for centuries. This video is about John Franklin’s tragic expedition.

Anti-gravity water

This experiment shows how a handkerchief can hold a glass of water.

Tea bag rocket

You can make a cool rocket, using a tea bag and a little fire.

Istanbul – An Eastern metropolis heading for the West

One of the most important cities in history is the largest metropolis in present-day Turkey.

Clothing in Turkey

Women’s clothing varies from country to country in the Muslim world. Let’s take a look at the example of Turkey.

How high can we build?

What is the potential maximum height that a man-made building or structure can reach?

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