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Pork processing plant

Let’s take a look at how animal husbandry and meat processing is done on an industrial scale.

Salt evaporation ponds

Countries by the sea often do not get their salt from salt mines, but from evaporating seawater. Evaporation is done on a large surface area with shallow water.

Soil formation

Soil formation is the result of the interaction of five factors: parent material, climate, topography, organisms and time.

Small-leaved lime

This tree species, native to the Carpathian basin, grows slowly and is relatively undemanding. In some cases its leaves can be larger than those of the...


Dripstone is a rock deposited by precipitation from dripping water. The best known forms of dripstone are stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

Sedlec ossuary

This rather bizarre chapel in the Czech Republic furnished with artistically arranged bones leaves no visitor indifferent.

Bauhaus architecture

Bauhaus architecture created simple yet unique buildings.

Art Nouveau architecture

Art Nouveau was known in the Austro-Hungarian Empire as Secession, which means withdrawal, separation.

Birds on a farm

Poultry are popular domesticated birds kept for their meat and eggs. They are bred for the market or for personal use.

The story of Joseph

This is the biblical story of Joseph, the great-grandson of Abraham, the patriarch of the Jews.

Hot lakes

Geothermal eruptions sometimes form lakes. In certain lakes the temperature can reach 100 °C.

The story of the Internet

A network that was originally designed for military and academic purposes has quickly conquered the world.

The history of the Macintosh

Apple’s innovation became a new, user-friendly computer with a graphical user interface and a mouse.

The history of the motion picture

The journey from black-and-white silent films to colour high-definition films.

Central European village in the 19th century

Adobe walls, thatched roof, small windows, rammed earth floor - these were the characteristics of farmhouses 200 years ago.

Sedimentary rocks

Sedimentary rocks are formed from layers of sediment deposited at the bottom of bodies of water and compressed over millions of years.

The poor man and the hare

A poor man is daydreaming about his chances for so long that he lets his good fortune slip away.

Jack learns his lesson

A little boy called Jack chose to rest instead of hoeing the garden with his father. But if you don’t work, you don’t eat either.

The thistle and the little bird

The little bird wants to be rocked by the thistle, but the thistle does not agree to it. The little bird keeps at it until he gets what he wants.

The tortoise and the hare

The boastful hare challenges the slow but clever tortoise. The result is a big surprise.

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