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Water thermometer

An easy way to make your own thermometer at home!

Istanbul – An Eastern metropolis heading for the West

One of the most important cities in history is the largest metropolis in present-day Turkey.

The brown bear

Let’s see how a bear, which the most popular chidren's toy was modelled after, lives in real life.

Rising water

Another cool but easy science experiment you can do at home.

The math behind the lottery

A lot of people have certainly dreamt about winning the lottery. But how big is that chance? Let’s do some math!

Fire resistant water balloon

Using some water, you can easily make a fireproof balloon at home.

Reverse illusion

See how you can reverse an image using a glass of water.

Electric cornstarch

A little electricity from a charged balloon causing the cornstarch mixture to move towards the balloon.

Magic water barrier

Due to the temperature differences the liquids do not mix.

Visible sound

Have you ever seen the sound of music?

Transparent coke

Let's make the typical colour of the coke disappear!

Water polo

Water polo is a team water sport played all over the world. It was among the first Olympic team sports.

Balancing utensils table trick

With this little balance trick, you can amaze your friends using a toothpick, a spoon, a fork and a simple glass.

CD hovercraft

This simple experiment shows how you can make a floating CD using ordinary tools.

Magnetic glass

Watch how the glass acts like a true magnet.


Mammals are the most developed representatives of the animal kingdom. Let’s find out more about these animals with such diverse habitats.


A film about the fruit at the heart of winemaking.

The overpopulation of the Earth

This video presents the consequences of the Earth’s overpopulation, the antecedents of the phenomenon and the population figures of our day.

Metropolises: destruction or sustainability

Watch this video to find out what problems a metropolis has to face today.


Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. Let’s take a look at its characteristics!

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