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Movement is life

A lesson about the human locomotor system and its health.

How's the weather?

Learn about the concepts of wind and precipitation.

How to become an earthworm farmer

A lesson about the most important characteristics of the common earthworm.

Which devices use infrared light?

You can learn about the use of infrared radiation in our everyday lives.

The physics of bicycles

This lesson presents some of the laws of physics through the operation of the bicycle.

What is infrared radiation?

In this lesson you can learn about infrared radiation.

How did we conquer space?

This lesson presents the history of human space flight.

Are there purple cows?

Cattle is a large, domesticated vertebrate. Let's learn more about it.

The Doppler effect

This lesson helps to understand the Doppler effect.

The industrial revolution and its consequences

The lesson makes a thorough presentation of the period of the Industrial Revolution and of its social and economic implications.

Can chickens fly?

A lesson about the anatomy and lifestyle of chickens.

The secret life of newborns

Learn more about the early stages of human development with this lesson.

User manual

A guide about the meaning of icons found in digital lessons and the possibilities of using them.

The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian empire was led by pharaohs, considered sons of the Sun god.

Why was World War I so horrible?

This lesson presents the weapons of World War I.

Saliva, a versatile body fluid

In this lesson you will learn more about this special liquid.

Let's measure time!

This lesson presents timekeeping devices and the types and units of time measurement.

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