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Do we have time to help others?

It is important to pay attention to each other, to learn about different, real life situations and to know the reasons for those.

Show that you can work together.

Only communities can make significant changes that contribute to a sustainable development.

Helpers of orientation

In this lesson, you will learn how we can find our way around.


Learn about the concepts of floor plan, map, and map scale.

What do maps tell us?

A lesson about the various types of maps.

Our home, the Earth

A lesson about the landforms and continents of Earth.

Show that you can convince your family

Saving energy is a task for everyone, because the energy consumption of the Earth’s population is increasing vary fast and it can soon exceed the Earth’s...

Mineral or rock?

In this lesson you will learn more about minerals and rocks.

The human urinary system

This lesson presents the structure and functioning of the human urinary system.

Journey to the Gutenberg Galaxy

In this lesson you will learn about the history of writing.

Weather project

You can become meteorologists through fun group tasks.

Living fossils

Learn about animal species that emerged in the distant past and stayed mostly unchanged

How do we see? The human eye

This lesson presents the anatomy of the eye, the mechanism of vision, and common vision problems.

How is the aluminium foil made?

This lesson presents the properties, production, and use of aluminium.

How are rocks made?

You can follow the process of the formation of rocks.

The Sun - a source of energy

In this lesson you will learn about the Sun and how solar energy can be used.

Is all that chemistry dangerous?

This lesson helps to explain chemical reactions.

How to feed your T-rex

The lesson introduces you to the features of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Sound waves all around us • Part 1

This lesson is about the sound waves surrounding us.

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