Panpipes (or pan flutes) are composed of several pipes of gradually increasing length.


The harp is one of the oldest plucked string instruments.

Single street village with ’strip parcels’

Villages established in valleys usually consisted of houses built on long and narrow...

Building shapes (one colour)

Build 3D shapes from unit cubes with the help of several views.

Siege of Belgrade (4-22 July 1456)

A major battle in the history of Ottoman-Hungarian wars in the 15th century. Its memory...


One of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins.

Types of farms and villages

The structure and density of farms and villages depend on the geographical features of...

Cuboid (exercises)

Edges, diagonals and faces of a cuboid can be identified by its vertices.


Pick the shape that is shown in different views below.

Net of a cube (exercises)

Not all nets consisting of 6 congruent squares are foldable into cubes.

Administrative divisions of Hungary

This animation presents the regions, counties and cities of Hungary.

Topographic map of Hungary

This animation demonstrates the geographical regions of Hungary.

National Parks of Hungary

There are ten national parks in Hungary.

Isolated settlement (forester´s house)

Foresters adjusted their lifestyle to the forest environment.

Tennis court

Tennis is played on a court covered with grass, clay or synthetic material.

Life on the farm (Hungary)

Farming consists of special agricultural activities.

Hungarian hussar

The term ´hussar´ refers to a type of light cavalry which originated in Hungary and was...

Battle of Muhi (11-12 April 1241)

The devastating defeat of the Hungarians in the battle against the Mongolians was the...

Molecule exercise VII (Organic nitrogen compounds)

An exercise about the groups and structure of organic nitrogen compounds.

Molecule exercise V (Oxo compounds)

An exercise about the groups and structure of oxo compounds.

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