Refugees and migrants

This animation presents the current refugee crisis from various points of view.

European colonisation of the Americas (up to 1763)

Several European countries joined the conquest of the New World, making America a...

Soil pollution

This animation demonstrates the main sources of soil pollution.

Water pollution

The main sources of water pollution are industry, agriculture and urban areas.


A transitional form between fish and tetrapods, or four-limbed vertebrates.

European ground squirrel

Subterranean rodents widespread in Central- and Eastern Europe.

Shape games

Find views and nets of three-dimensional shapes.


Competing with each other in the 19th and 20th centuries, the world´s most powerful...

Precision agriculture

This animation demonstrates the use of modern technology in agriculture.

Relative position of lines and planes

This animation demonstrates the relative position of lines and planes.

Angle of inclination of lines and planes

This animation demonstrates the angle of inclination of lines and planes in various...

American Marine (beginning of the 21st century)

The US Marine Corps is an important branch of the US Armed Forces, with about 200...

Conic solids

This animation demonstrates various types of cones and pyramids.

Solids of revolution (exercise)

An exercise about the generation of solids of revolution.

Farm (Hungary, 19th century)

Small farms usually located near the border of rural towns, inhabited by peasants.

Mir Castle Complex (17th century)

The Mir Castle Complex, situated in the town of Mir, Belarus was built in the...

Medieval towers and bastions

The structure of fortresses developed together with military technology.

Church of St John at Kaneo (Ohrid, 13th c.)

The Orthodox church, situated on a picturesque cliff, was named after John the Apostle

Euler's polyhedron formula

The theorem formulated by Leonhard Euler describes one of the basic properties of convex...

Solids of revolution (rectangle)

Rotating a rectangle around its axes of symmetry or around its sides results in solids of...

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