Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon passes through the shadow cone of Earth

Sense of balance

The head´s position and movement is sensed by the inner ear.

Airbus A380 (2005)

The double-decked, wide-bodied passenger aircraft can carry more then 500 passengers.

The human blood

Human blood consists of blood cells and plasma.

How does it work? - Electron microscope

This animation demonstrates the structure and operation of electron microscopes.

Hydroelectric power plant (Hoover Dam, USA)

The huge dam built on the Colorado river in the US was named after a former American...

Fusion reactor

Nuclear fusion will serve as an environmentally friendly and practically unlimited source...

Diesel engine

The German engineer Rudolf Diesel patented the diesel engine in 1893.

Roman soldier (1st century BC)

Mercenaries of the ancient Roman army were well-trained and well equipped with the most...

Circus Maximus (Rome)

The ancient Roman arena became well-known for the chariot races held here.

Theatre of Dionysus (Athens, 4th century BC)

The theatre that has a distinctive shape and excellent acoustics was situated at the side...

Children´s room

The animation helps to develop space perception.


The animations demonstrates the structure of a typical flower.

Knossos Palace (2nd millenium BC)

The largest bronze-age building complex of ancient Crete was probably the centre of...

Optical illusion

The information gathered by the eye is misinterpreted by the brain.

Electrical conduction system of the heart

Our heart generates the electrical impulses necessary for its own operation. The graphic...

Milestones of sculpture

The animation shows five outstanding works in the history of sculpture.

Atmospheric circulation

The difference between the temperature of the polar and equatorial zones causes...


The International Space Station is a habitable satellite built with the cooperation of 16...

The human eye

The eye is one of our most important sense organs. When stimulated by light, electric...

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