Ancient Roman infantry tactics

Members of the ancient Roman Legions were the masters of military tactics.

Persian warrior (5th century BC)

The excellent archers were feared members of the Persian army

Mongol warrior (13th century)

The dreaded warriors of the Mongol Empire helped to make it one of the largest empires in...

Emergency landing in the Sahara (Little Prince)

The emergency landing of the pilot appears in the frame story of Antoine de...

European ground squirrel

Subterranean rodents widespread in Central- and Eastern Europe.

Farmhouse in Central Europe (19th century)

Central European farmhouses in the 19th century had characteristic interior and exterior.

European otter

Otters are semi-aquatic predatory mammals.


A transitional form between fish and tetrapods, or four-limbed vertebrates.

Laptop computer, peripherals

A variety of peripherals can be used with laptop computers.

The reproduction and development of insects

Based on their life cycle, insects can be grouped into three categories: ametabolous,...

Fire brigade

This animation demonstrates the construction of a fire engine.

Ambulance car

This animation demonstrates the most important equipment of ambulance cars.

Late Roman soldier (4th century)

The prosperity of the eastern part of the Roman Empire started in the early 4th century,...

Refugees and migrants

This animation presents the current refugee crisis from various points of view.

Art Nouveau architecture

One of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Hungary.

Photosynthesis (basic)

Plants are capable of converting inorganic substances (carbon dioxide and water) into...

Modern office building

Saving energy and protecting the environment are important factors in the design of...

Treasury of Atreus (Mycenae, 14th century BC)

A beehive tomb on the site of the ancient city of Mycenae, attributed to the legendary king.

European colonisation of the Americas (up to 1763)

Several European countries joined the conquest of the New World, making America a...


Pollen serves to fertilise the egg of plants. Pollen grains come in a variety of shapes...

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