The Madara rider

A rock relief located in Northeast Bulgaria, probably carved at the end of the 7th century.

Abbey of Saint Gall (11th century)

The building complex was one of the most important Benedictine abbeys for centuries.

Colour vision deficiency

The inability to differentiate certain shades of colour is called colour vision deficiency.

Public school in Central Europe (early 20th century)

Public schools in villages played an important role in education.

Mesopotamian inventions (3rd millennium BC)

These tools, revolutionary even in their simplicity, are still in use today.


A type of herbivorous dinosaur easily recognisable by its large frill and three horns...


The dromedary is an indispensable animal for inhabitants of the deserts.

How does it work - Refrigerator

This animation demonstrates how a refrigerator works.

Louis XIV (the Sun King)

The French monarch got his epithet because of his opulent and extravagant lifestyle.


Metal atoms form a regular lattice structure.

Cinema (USA, 1930s)

Cinemas were built in large numbers in big cities of the US in the 1910s.

Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC)

The battle of the Greek-Persian War became famous for the heroic sacrifice of the Spartan...

Thyroid gland

An important endocrine gland producing hormones that affect metabolism and the calcium...

Dissolution of NaCl

Common salt is dissolved by water: polar water molecules form a coat around the ions.

Phases of the Moon

During its orbit around the Earth, the visibility of the Moon's illuminated part...

Muscles of the upper arm

The arms are moved by flexor and extensor muscles.

Hero’s aeolipile

Hero of Alexandria is the inventor of the first steam engine, although he regarded it as...


Entertaining and spectacular animation to practise orientation in space.

Tanks (World War II)

The main protagonists of World War II were tanks.

Auschwitz I Labour camp

The concentration camp established on Polish territory was the administrative centre of a...

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