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How long have we used fire?

In this lesson you will learn about the history of fire and the conditions necessary for...

Pitch and frequency, Part I

Experience the relationship between pitch and frequency through measurements.

How do animals see?

This lesson presents the vision and the evolution of eyes of animals.

Do fish drink?

In this lesson you will learn more about the life of fish.

Space adventurers: Space travel

In this lesson you will learn about the presence of humans in space in the past, present...

The giants of the Solar System

This lesson introduces you to the outer planets of the Solar System, that is the giant...

How do single-celled organisms move?

Let's catch a glimpse into the world of microscopic unicellular organisms!

What size are bacteria?

This lesson presents the structure and classification of bacteria and the role they play...

Who would make a good sentinel?

Learn about the human sense organs and their functions and how to keep them healthy.

How to put out a fire?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with the basics of firefighting.

The companion of Earth

This lesson explains the phases, the internal structure and surface of the Moon, as well...

Do reptiles ever get cold?

This lesson presents interesting facts about reptiles and their life.

How is the human body built up?

Learn how the human body is built up and about the differences between men and women.

Are there mutants among us?

This lesson presents mutation types, their frequency and underlying causes.

Do plants move?

Plants also move. Although they do not have muscles, they can change the position of...

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