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How is the human body built up?

Learn how the human body is built up and about the differences...

Are there mutants among us?

This lesson presents mutation types, their frequency and...

Do plants move?

Plants also move. Although they do not have muscles, they can...

Do storks really deliver babies?

This lesson presents everything related to human reproduction.

What can the Sun's rays be used for?

This lesson presents how solar energy can be utilised.

How fast are your reflexes?

The lesson introduces you to our innate and learnt reflexes.

Let's dive!

In this lesson you can learn about the flora and fauna of seas.

The physics of submarines

This lesson presents the concepts of density and buoyancy through...

The secret world of fungi

The lesson presents the kingdom of fungi.

What do mixtures consist of?

This lesson presents different types of mixtures and how the...

Sound waves all around us • Part 2

In this lesson you will learn more about how sound propagates.

Let's practice positioning!

This lesson helps you understand what geographic coordinates are...

Rulers of the sea

Relive the naval battles in this lesson.

How can solar energy be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising solar energy.

How can hydropower be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising hydropower.

How do birds fly? Part 3

Learn about the migration and reproduction of birds.

Join the caravan!

This lesson presents deserts and their flora and fauna.

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