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Ottoman Sultan (16th century)

The leader of the Ottoman Empire was the Sultan, the lord of life and death.

Cube puzzle

Building cubes shown in several views from the available unit cubes aids spatial vision...

Soviet soldier (World War II)

The Soviet army became a very powerful power broker after WWI, at first due to its size,...

Grouping of cuboids

This animation demonstrates various types of cuboids through everyday objects.


An amino acid containing sulphur, one of the amino acids that make up proteins.

Volume of spheres (demonstration)

The sum of the volume of the ´tetrahedrons´ gives an approximation of the volume of the...

Meteorological instruments (basic)

This animation demonstrates instruments used to examine atmospheric phenomena.

Female reproductive system (basic)

The reproductive system is a series of organs working together for the purpose of...

Hungarian hussar

The term ´hussar´ refers to a type of light cavalry which originated in Hungary and was...


A crystalline substance, an extremely important material in the electronics industry ...

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