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Structure of nitrogen molecules

This animation demonstrates the structure of nitrogen molecules, with one sigma and two...

Covalent bonds in benzene molecules

In benzene there are sigma bonds and delocalised pi bonds between carbon atoms.

Development of the atomic model

Major phases in the history of theories and views about the structure of the atom.

Thermal expansion of bridges

The length of the metal frameworks of bridges change when the temperature changes.

Time zones

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones. Standard time is the time used within time zones.

Surface tension

Surface tension is the property of a liquid that allows it to obtain the smallest surface...

Submarine operation

Submarines submerge and surface by changing the average density of the hull.

Aerodynamic lift

Due to their asymmetrical profile of the wings, lift is produced while flying at a high...

Melting and freezing

During freezing hydrogen bonds are formed between water molecules resulting in a crystal...

DC motor

DC motors consist of a permanent magnet and a coil within the magnet, with electric...

Phases of the Moon

During its orbit around the Earth, the visibility of the Moon's illuminated part...

Alkaline batteries

In alkaline batteries electric current is generated by electrochemical reactions

Continental drift on a geological timescale

The Earth's continents have been in constant motion during the history of the planet.

Radial engine

Radial engines are used primarily in aeroplanes and helicopters.


The process of the decay of unstable nuclei is called radioactivity.

Kepler space telescope

The Kepler space telescope was launched by NASA to discover Earth-like planets orbiting...

p-V-T diagram for ideal gases

The relationship between the pressure, volume and temperature of ideal gases is described...

Generating alternating current

Electric current can be generated by rotating an armature loop in a magnetic field.

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