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What will happen to us?

What will happen to us?

Let's find solutions to the global environmental issues!


Автор: Horváthné Kunstár Andrea

Корректор: Márton Gábor


environmental pollution, environmental protection, global problem, global warming, energy saving, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, forest destroying, éhínség, waste, overpopulation, ecological footprint, harm reduction, environmentally conscious, environmentally friendly, diagram, ғаламшар, экономика, society, биология, климат, көлік, география, табиғат, nature study, ecology, technology

Байланысты экстралар

Байланысты экстралар

Decrease the amount of waste

Humans produce an increasing amount of waste. A change in our lifestyle could...

Do we have time to help others?

It is important to pay attention to each other, to learn about different, real life...

How can hydropower be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising hydropower.

How can solar energy be utilised?

This lesson presents the possibilities for utilising solar energy.

How can wind energy be used?

This lesson presents how wind energy can be utilised.

How does soil form?

This lesson presents soil formation, the components of soil, and soil protection.

Is air visible?

This lesson introduces the properties of air.

Is water essential for life?

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. Let's learn more about it.

Let's reduce wasting

How to reduce energy use at home

Show how wonderful the world is

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature in this project.

Show that you can convince your family

Saving energy is a task for everyone, because the energy consumption of the Earth’s...

Show that you can work together.

Only communities can make significant changes that contribute to a sustainable development.

Show what the life of children will be in 50 years

Think about the impact that the current natural, environmental, economic and...

The invisible killers, or What can we do against carbon oxides?

In this lesson, you can learn about carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

The material and energy flow of households

Apartments are like living organisms, there is a constant exchange of energy and...

The Sun - a source of energy

In this lesson you will learn about the Sun and how solar energy can be used.

There is still time to...

We must live in such a way that our descendants can live in the future too.

User manual

A guide about the meaning of icons found in digital lessons and the possibilities of...

What can the Sun's rays be used for?

This lesson presents how solar energy can be utilised.

What do mixtures consist of?

This lesson presents different types of mixtures and how the substances in the mixtures...

Where does energy come from?

A lesson about the most common energy sources.

Where does waste water go?

This lesson presents the production of waste water, its treatment and environmental impact.

Where does water come from?

Let's follow the journey of water and find out how it gets into our glasses.

Do lichens damage trees?

In this lesson you will familiarise yourselves with special organisms, that is lichens.

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