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Steam turbine

A drink can, water and a Bunsen burner can be used to create a special steam turbine.

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Can we vacuum on the Moon?

This lesson explains the concept of atmospheric pressure.

Beverage machine - Part 2

We can further develop the machine we presented in the previous...

Толқын параметрлері

Анимация дыбыс толқындарының мысалында толқындардың негізгі...

Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?

Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.

Straw flute

Observe what happens when making sounds with shorter and shorter...

The brachistochrone problem

Find out whether the marble reaches the finish line faster on the...

Let's measure time!

This lesson presents timekeeping devices and the types and units...

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