In rock-paper-scissors, the least popular choice of players is paper. But is it really the weakest of the three?

Байланысты экстралар

Properties of matter: mass, volume and density

In certain cases, liquids do not mix together, and form layers...

The wave phenomena of sound

When does echo form? Why does sound spread easier at night? What...

Resonance straw

Find out how to move the straws without touching them, using the...

Толқындардың түрлері

Толқындар өміріміздің әр түрлі салаларында маңызды рөл атқарады.

Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?

The physics of bicycles

This lesson presents some of the laws of physics through the...

The brachistochrone problem

Find out whether the marble reaches the finish line faster on the...

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