Putting a candle out with carbon dioxide

What should we look out for in wine cellars? In this experiment we produce carbon dioxide with vinegar and baking powder.

Байланысты экстралар

Beverage machine - Part 2

We can further develop the machine we presented in the previous...

Exceeding the speed of sound

What is the speed of sound? What happens when an object exceeds...

Games Playing with sounds

This lesson introduces some basic ideas about sound.

Seconds pendulum

How can this pendulum accurately measure time in seconds?

Beverage machine - Part 1

Is it possible to turn pure water into a soft drink in a few seconds?

Properties of matter: mass, volume and density

In certain cases, liquids do not mix together, and form layers...

The faithful cork

How does a piece of a cork behave on the surface of a glass of...

Толқын параметрлері

Анимация дыбыс толқындарының мысалында толқындардың негізгі...

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