Natural gas and petroleum

Natural gas and petroleum are among the most important sources of energy and raw materials today.

Байланысты экстралар


It is a sedimentary rock made up of loosely structured, rough...

Africa – The Climatic Anatomy of a Continent

Az afrikai kontinens vízszintes és függőleges éghajlati...


It is a sedimentary rock with high calcium carbonate content.

On the track of the rain Savannahs

A szavannák növény- és állatvilága az éghajlathoz alkalmazkodik.

Continental drift

In the past, a number of geologists tried to explain why the...

Қабатты жанартаудың пайда болуы

Тау жыныстарыынан және жанартау күлдерінен, сондай-ақ лава...


Rocks are a composed of minerals. These minerals can often be...


Waves play an important role in forming the coast.

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