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Library of memories

We compared the capacity of our brain with that of a computer. Let’s see the results!

Байланысты экстралар

Local time and standard time

Life could not work in this accelerated global world if we still...

The history of lighting

Nowadays it is perfectly natural to turn on the lights. But it has...

Cosmic calendar

If we compressed all the time that has ever passed into a year,...

The history of television

Let’s see how television broadcasting has evolved over the years.

Adventurers in time

This animation presents the phenomenon of the twin paradox that...

Metropolises: destruction or sustainability

Watch this video to find out what problems a metropolis has to...

The future of our world

In the world of science, the future is forecast on the basis of...

The horizon

Imagine a flat plain with no natural landmarks. How far can we...

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