The circumference of the Earth has already been calculated in ancient Egypt. The calculations turned out to be rather accurate, considering the conditions of the time.

Байланысты экстралар


Waves play an important role in forming the coast.


A tartósan fagyott altalaj határa – a globális felmelegedés...

Ыстық нүктелер

Ыстық нүктелерде магма жер қыртысына шығып,вулкан пайда болады.

The desert

One third of the continents is covered with desert. Today,...

Solar radiation

The Sun's rays travel through space without interruption, but once...

Exogenic forces

The surface of the Earth has been formed into its present state...

Weather project

You can become meteorologists through fun group tasks.


The dissolution of limestone results in the development of karst...

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