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Орта мұхиттық қыраттардың бойында мұхиттардың түбіндегі жер қыртысынан ыстық геотермал сулар атқылайды.

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People have always preferred to settle near rivers. What are the...

Abrasion coasts

The destructive force of waves can create steep cliffs in certain...

How lakes disappear

On a geological time scale lakes are short-lived.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere surrounds us everywhere on this planet. We take its...

Travertine Terraces

Find out the secret of the unique beauty of travertine terraces.

The Gregorian calendar

Developed nearly 500 years ago, it is a variant of the Julian...

Types of lakes

Still waters take various forms on the planet. Let’s take a look...

Afrika - The geological anatomy of a continent

Az afrikai kontinens földtani formálódása és földrajzi felosztása.

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