Теңіз суының жер рельефін қалыптастыруы

Теңіз суы сыртқы күш ретінде жағалаудың қалыптасуында маңызды рөл атқарады.

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How does soil form?

This lesson presents soil formation, the components of soil, and...

The pollution of natural waters

Water is one of our key natural resources; we must protect it...


Айсбергтер (мұзтаулар) ашық теңізде жүзіп жүретін үлкенді-кішілі,...

The East African Rift

The Great Rift Valley in Eat Africa was formed as a result of the...

Volcanic activity

The area surrounding an inactive or extinct volcano is not...

Coal formation

This video presents the different stages of coal formation.

The River System of the Amazon

A video on the Amazon river and its drainage basin.

How lakes disappear

On a geological time scale lakes are short-lived.

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