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Pent-1-ene (C₅H₁₀)

Pent-1-ene (C₅H₁₀)

A liquid with a characteristic unpleasant odour and a low boiling point.



pent-1-ene, alkene, olefin, көмірсу, unsaturated hydrocarbon, unsaturated, constitutional isomerism, homologous series, isomer, қосу, organic chemistry, химия

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Pentane (C₅H₁₂)

The fifth member in the alkane homologous series. A colourless, combustible liquid.

Cyclohexane (C₆H₁₂)

A colourless liquid, easily solved by organic solvents but not by water.

Cyclopentane (C₅H₁₀)

Member of the cycloalkane homologous series.

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