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Мельк аббатығы (Австрия)

Мельк аббатығы (Австрия)

900 жылдық тарихы бар Әулие Бенедикт орденінің Мельк аббаттығы Дунайдың жағасында орналасқан.

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Мельк, Wachau, abbey, monastery, church, ғимарат, architecture, Lambach, IV Рудольф, monk, Австрия, бенедиктинцы, World Heritage, II Леопольд, Дунай, marble hall, Council of Constance, library

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Benedictine abbey (Tihany, Hungary)

The Benedictine abbey was founded by King Andrew I in 1055.

Александр Невский кафедралық соборы (София, 20-сыншы ғасыр)

Жаңа византиялық стильде салынған православ кафедралық соборы Болгария астанасының...

Abbey of Saint Gall (11th century)

The building complex was one of the most important Benedictine abbeys for centuries.

Administrative divisions of Austria

This animation presents the states and state capitals of Austria.

Church of St John at Kaneo (Ohrid, 13th c.)

The Orthodox church, situated on a picturesque cliff, was named after John the Apostle

Habsburg imperial couple (19th century)

Emperor Franz Joseph I and the beautiful Elisabeth got married in Vienna in 1854, but...

Romanesque style Benedictine church (Ják, Hungary)

A Romanesque style Benedictine church with a special gateway, built in the 13th century...

Pauline monastery

The Pauline monastery was built for Hungarian hermit monks in 1225.

Rococo castle (Fertőd, Hungary)

The palace and park complex is Hungary´s grandest Rococo edifice, often called the...

Hierarchy of the Medieval Christian church (11th century)

This animation shows the hierarchical structure of the Medieval Christian church.

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